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I have been fascinated today by what I have read about sleep disorders and their relation to ADD. Have any of you had your children tested for Restless Leg Syndrome? The theroy is that kids are exhibiting symptoms of ADD because they are sleep deprived. Their sleep is constantly interrupted because of uncomfortable sensations in the legs. I was just wondering if anyone here has pursued this avenue?

It is an interesting like of thinking. I always thought sleep disturbances were actually a symptom of ADD/ADHD. There are three of us who are ADD/ADHD in my family and we all have some trouble sleeping. My nephew has actually slept a lot better since he has been on stimulant meds. I think it has to do with the withdrawal period he goes through and the extra energy spent on focussing. He doesn't sleep as well if he misses a dose and he needs a pretty regular sleep pattern to go along with his regular dosing schedule. Otherwise, things get really messed up.

He and I both have something similar to RLS, but the symptoms aren't frequent enough to really warrant a diagnosis and they aren't the same as RLS. I actually don't know that much about RLS itself. What happens to the two of us is that we get pains that actually feel like the bones of the legs are cold - sometimes in one leg, sometimes in both. Very odd feeling and tough to describe. The pain goes away with an OTC pain medication.
While some people with ADHD do have trouble sleeping there are many who have severe sleep disorders and are misdiagnosed as ADD because their sleep problems cause them to be inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, etc etc.

I do not have a sleep disorder but I do have problems getting to sleep. I'm ADHD. Before my diagnosis my neurologist did some tests to see that I didn't have a sleep disorder.

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