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Hello everyone...Im new to this board and would like to share my story with you. I really need some feed back on some questions I have. Let me start with my story.......

Im a 26 year old mother of two boys. My oldest son has been undergoing testing at school since last year(2nd grade). Yesterday we had the final meeting with the school and they are 100% positive that Zachory (my son) has ADD. Its almost a relief to here that. What I mean by relief is ever since kindergarten they have wanted to hold him back because of his unable to focus on work, and his unable to be neat. I fought tooth and nail about holding him back. He is learning and has a very high IQ. He could be out in "LA LA LAND" and the teacher would call on him and with no problems he would have the answer. We have tried different routes to solving the problems by punishment (which Im not proud to say) and reward programs. The reward program works GREAT BTW!!!

Anyways...Last year his teacher suggested that Zachory be tested and it just made alot of sense. Which brings me to today, after filling out numerous at home tests, all the school testing and the doctors tests its offical. My 8 year old son has ADD. I cant even begin to put into words my emotions. What used to be stress and frustration has turned to relief and just plain out happiness that its not my sons fault, that thier is a medical reason why he is the way he is.

Over the past 6months I talked to a handful of moms dealing with a child with ADD/ADHD. The first word to come out of thier mouths is "Zombie". That the meds will turn your child into one. Thinking about it to myself I cant do that to my child. If you knew my son you would know what I mean when I say its not him. If that happened to my son it would change him to a totally different child. Hes so full of happiness and life. Hes not hyper in anyway he goes with the flow but he has this Love of Life thing going on. He lights up a room, makes everyone laugh and if he goes on meds all of that could change. He just wouldnt be the same. Thats the hardest thing Im dealing with right now.

What Im looking for from this site is ideas of the "Natural" way to go. What kind of vitamins should I have him on? What kind of diet(food) would help? What kinds of food should I stay away from? Any suggestions and ideas you have please share with me? Its very overwhelming to me since....Im also being tested for Adult ADD. So not only do I have to worry about my son but I have to worry about myself. Please feel free to email me with anything and everything...sites, recipes, knowledge..anything. Thank You for your time and please excuse my lack of wording things better. ------------------

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