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[quote][b]Also, do you lose everything you put your hands on? Go into a room to get something and then can't remember why you went there?[/b][/quote]
God yeah, all the time! And I'm constantly walking into a room and don't remember for the life of me why I went there in the first place - it drives me nuts because at 25 I really shouldn't have this kind of problem!!! "Thingy" has become my favourite word because I'm constantly forgetting what I'm on about or who I was talking about :(

I'm going to have to have a look on Amazon, as far as I know there are ADD-friendly ways of "keeping your life in order" - there are even ones for women on how to organise your household etc. :p

It does my head in, I know I'm still young so I shouldn't be all laid-back with pipe & slippers and a lifetime of work & savings behind me, but I just wish I could be more organised and wouldn't constantly feel like I'm not doing enough or like everything is going wrong, like Im not getting anywhere and just living (scraping through) from day to day, week to week and so on!

I've tried writing stuff down and making lists but I either forget to look at the list, leave the list at home (d'oh! [img][/img] ) or just stop writing stuff down again after a few days. I do at least keep a document folder with my contracts, bills etc. in them and I pay bills by direct debit & everything else is paid as soon as I get the bill, that way I don't have to remember it for more than a few hours :p

Problem is deep down I'm quite tidy and I need to have it tidy & organised in the house with everything in its place, so it doubly does my head in because I can't seem to keep anything neat and organised! :(

I have tried all sorts of supplements, minerals, vitamins etc. Valerian & Passionflower help with anxiety and panic in general but I still worry about *everything* - I'm the kind of person that people walk up to saying "Cheer up, it might never happen!" while I'm all lost in thoughts walking to the bus stop after work! (That happens about once a month)

It did get worse being married to a guy who put me down, called me lazy (I still organised the whole household, cleaned & cooked while we BOTH worked full time!) and made me feel bad about myself, but sadly it's been 7 months since I left and I have a wonderful guy at my side who helps out where he can, but the feeling of being inadequate and running in circles is still there :(

What makes me really sad is that I want kids some day within the next few years but I really don't see how I can cope with them if I can't even live my own life properly! Even just getting regular checkups with my GP and gynaecologist is soooo excruciating and there's a ton of things that still need sorting out since I moved in in April but I get hot flushes just thinking about all that stuff!!! Thankfully at least my dentist automatically gives a new appointment every time you go though!


Female, 25

Quit smoking & left abusive relationship in 2003 - now there's just some 25 lbs to lose and I'm happy again :D

Possible ADD

Anxiety, panic attacks

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