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What to do now?
Oct 14, 2003
HI , I am the mom of 2 boys 9 and 12 with adhd, I havent posted in a while but i have some question, Both my boys were taken off of straterra back in May. They were both so sick on this medicine, They had previosly been on Ritilan, Dexadrine,concerta, adderal and adderal xr, They were taken off these meds cause they would either quit working or they would lose to much weight and dr would try something else, We have been back in school for 6 weeks and both boys are struggling so much. I just dont know what to do , I wish the meds would work for them. I am so frustrated with all this, I just want the best for my boys, I wish so much they didint have this, I know all you must have said this same thing so many times. Has anyone else ever had these problems,What did you do?, Is there somethig herbal that works for adhd?, I would appreciate anyfeedback i can get. I am just so lost, Dont know what to do, The one good thing that has come from not being on the meds is both boys are gaining weight and look so good, The both have there old personalties back. Im sorry for going on and on i am so frustrated . The school is calling all the time asking me what we should do and I have told them I have tried the meds and they havent worked , I just feel like im not doing enough , If you have any suggestions please let me know, thanks so much.


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