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Re: Middle Age ADD
Oct 12, 2003
Kista - I sure do wish you luck! More importantly, let me assure you that things can get better. I was diagnosed at 48, following my wife's observation that I was showing some "classic" symptoms. (She's an elementary school teacher - she should know!) I read "Driven To Distraction", and found myself described to a "T". (Do you happen to know the title of the book with the cover picture you described?) I too, can realte to that cover. My thoughts were like the numbers lighting up in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" - someimes this resulted in wonderfully creative work and interpretations of things. Other times it simply resulted in disorganization. I also suffered from low-level depression, secondaryto the ADD. I have been on Strattera (80 mg/day) for the past year, and it has helped tremendously - although the male side effects should be checked out on the alternate thread on these boards started by jack-o. Don't look back at the past to "what might have been". Make each future day a better one! Anyway - good luck!

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