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Hello Free Spirit, :wave: thanks for your "ummm" [img][/img] concern with my diagnosis of ADD. My doctor is quite knowledgeable in his work and has even written books on this subject. As you know in order to re-new prescriptions of Adderall the Rx must actually be picked up from the Physician. My doctor requires a consultation for every Rx written when it comes to this med. I have been on it for over two years. So to answer another one of your questions, yes, I do take my medication as prescribed and correctly.

Free Spirit, since you are surprised and show concern with Adderall helping on the social front and euphoric edge, you may want to do some investigating on the net. In your browser type "Adderall Social Situations" "Adderall And Tiredness", etc. Type the word Adderall in different word combos and you will find scores of sites discussing these issues. Even your local library will have resources just the same. For some of us Adderall works different even on a daily basis, the drug is very powerful and can provide both "bad" and "good" but the good usually outweighs the bad. Just like any type of highly addictive drug of this nature, repercussions are always a concern.

Anyway, the original author who started this thread may no longer be in need of information but for the sake of others who read for information, I did share my experience. But I do appreciate the concern over my own personal medication regiment.

Again, thank you for your inquiry and hopefully your current questions on Adderall have been answered.

Best regards,

Crimson :angel:
*I started taking adderall xr and I need help-I feel tired also!*
I have been complaining of fatigue now for 10 years. I have tried many different things, but nothing has worked. I am not depressed; just tired. Finally, my doctor suggested that I take Ritalin. I went to a specialist, and he prescribed me initially 10 mg, then 20 mg. The effects were fantastic! I could go to school and not feel bored. I was not fatigued during the day anymore, and I no longer had insomnia at night time. My doctor wanted me to compare that medicine to another, so to contrast Ritalin, he prescribed me Adderall XR; initially 10 mg in the morning, and currently 20 mg in the morning. I still get the same effects of Ritalin except I do not feel "speedy". It seemed that the Ritalin would give a quick "punch" of energy, while Adderall almost sneaks up or washes over me, and I donít even notice that I am feeling more alert until I think about it. I feel that the XR kicks in about one hour, and stays at that level for about 4-5 hours. But, I do not feel that it lasts all day. I have a severe crash in the afternoon, and on days when I am at school from 8-5, that crash is detrimental. It seems like the minutes take hours; I cant focus, I cant concentrate. Does anyone notice that Adderall XR does not have XR effects? I respond to the medicine SO WELL in the morning, but I feel completely opposite in the afternoon. I think that I have had ADD for so long, and that the fatigue came from my boredom; going undiagnosed for so long has been really hard on me and I feel like I have missed out on so much. I guess I am scared that I am going to go back to that place I had been before: the tired person who despite trying to stay awake during the day, fell asleep and never got anything done. Its not like I am a different person. It feels like I am that person that I always knew I could be and wanted to be, but at the time I didnt have the steps I needed to become that person. I have improved so much; I take many hard college classes and instead of receiving my normal C or B, I am getting all A's and A+'s on exams (even Chemistry and Physics; I am now at the top 5% of my class). People have asked me to become private tutors, and the School of Nursing has asked me to speak to the incoming freshman classes. This is extreme improvements, but as I said, I am scared since the fatigue has been slowly coming back in the afternoon. Does anyone have this effect? Also, what is the max. adderall dose? My doctor looked it up and said that the max. adderall dose was 30mg, but from what I understand adderall has only been tested in children (and I am not saying that adults cannot take it). So, is 30mg the max. child dose, or adult dose?

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