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Hi, my husband has been diagnosed with add many years ago, and I really don't think he has it. He takes adderal, but I think that he takes it to wake up in the morning. He has to get up very early for work, and he doesn't like to go to bed early. We ride to work together and I am exhuasted in the morning, but he just takes his adderal and he is ready to go. He was not on medication when I met him, and the only problem i saw was that he couldn't remeber to do stuff I had asked him to do. He functioned fine at work, and never forgot things there. He does not have a problem sitting still or paying attention. I am begining to think that he is not add and he takes the medicine for other reasons. I am concerned about this b/c I know that not getting enough sleep can cause maor health problems, and he is sick quite a bit. I think that the adderal is hiding his body's natural response to tiredness. If anyone could help and maybe let me know if I am being foolish or if adults have different signs for add.
I think it's good that you're thinking about this as it can indeed be very damaging if he keeps abusing this medication just to "pep himself up" a bit and "get going" in the morning!

You are right to be concerned about his lack of symptoms - if "not listening to the wife" and "not doing some things the wife asks me to do" were criteria for ADD then almost every guy I know would be diagnosed with ADD!

While it's a shame that this is still the case these days, it's quite normal for a guy to be less perceptive in the household (i.e. they grew up having most things done for them so they are not even aware that certain things need doing) and as such most of the things their wife/gf tells them to do don't seem very important to them, so they don't have the same urgency about doing them, or they see it as "nagging" and just nod without taking it very seriously.

Also a lot of guys "switch off" easily, they nod when the gf/wife says something but they're not listening properly, not because they have ADD - everyone does that to some degree, men just tend to (from my experience) do it more often than women, because women by nature are better at multitasking (i.e. they don't have to drop everything to be able to listen to someone talk).

ADD does exist without hyperactivity but there's a heck of a lot more to it than "not listening to the wife", ESPECIALLY if he has no such problems in other areas (esp. at work). You don't need ADD to ignore your spouse or prefer playing games/watching TV all day to doing things around the house (well who doesn't!!!) it's whether or not you're so overwhelmed that you can't get anything finished that counts, not whether someone sits on their backside all day.

There's also a lot of other things that come with the various types of ADD, such as impulsive behaviour, hyperfocussing (to the point of obsession sometimes), anxiety, social problems (not fitting in, having trouble knowing when to speak/saying the wrong thing), frustration because of inability to finish what you start, restlessness (inner and/or external), easily grasps concepts (whcih can be a great gift!!!) but struggles with details, easily gets bored with things (starts lots of hobbies/interests and gives them up after a while), can't sit through a movie without fidgeting or reading on the side/getting up to do things constantly and so on.

Inability (or refusal) to pay attention in ONE PARTICULAR SETTING (i.e. when the wife is asking you to do something) on its own really is no indication of anything being wrong with him, especially since mild memory problems are normal as we get older.

Also, how old was he when he was diagnosed? Not all kids/teens with ADD take it into adulthood so it's possible that he's grown out of these problems and is only taking the medication because of the energy it gives him.

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