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So I've been recently diagnosed with ADHD combined type. I'm 36 and I always knew it. Doctors in the past just tried to ignore it. They said it was probably depression and always gave me antidepressants, which never worked for my focus. Finally, I had someone listen to me. I have 3 kids with ADHD. They got it from somewhere, hah. They started me on 10mg IR twice a day. I felt relaxed and slept better, but not all that focused. It was running out after 2-3 hours. By the time 6 pm came, I was an irritable grouch and felt like I needed a glass of wine to relax. So my doctor switched me to 20mg XR in the am and 10mg IR around 4-5. Some days I feel more focused, but not quite still. Some days I feel more tired. Some days I have a little more energy. Overall I feel pretty relaxed and that I've slowed down a lot. But I'm still not sure what I should be feeling. I guess I'm wondering if it's not strong enough, due to lack of focus and the inability to be less distracted. Plus, it makes me feel a little down sometimes and other days I feel super social. Will I know when the dose is right? This is only my first med. I have to stay on this for 3 weeks and then report back. I would appreciate any help/advice. Thanks!

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