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Ok, so I've been on all of the meds you listed at one time or another. I'm no expert, but you and I sound alot alike in the way the Adderall made me feel very social and happy in the beginning but hasn't had that affect for quite some time. I started out on 10mg IR Adderall and then slowly moved up over the last couple of years to 20mg, then 30mg, then 50mg. Then the shortage happened and I did Adderall XR, then Concerta (made me depressed and agitated instantly), then Ritalin (same as Concerta), then Focalin IR, which worked relatively the same as the Adderall IR but with a much lower allowable daily dose, and now I'm back to Adderall IR, but 60mg per day. I have been off the Adderall for some months and this month is the first back on. I still notice it doesn't give me a completely heightened mood, but once I hit the last 20mg pill of the day the terrible irritation and hating to be bothered by people and wanting to just do my own thing kicks in. It's awful because I have two kids under 10 that definitely need me in the evenings to be sane and not snap their poor heads off. I think it's just that last dose putting me over the edge, because even though they are short acting, they may still linger or some effect may still linger that gets more med added on top of. Just a theory.

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