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Re: Straterra
Sep 29, 2003
After a year and a half on Concerta, my son started on Strattera in April. He is pretty classic ADHD with lack of focusing, hyperactivity, and extreme impulsivity. He also has anxiety issues (panic attack symptoms after medical procedures and nighttime fears). We switched meds due to his lack of appetite and severe insomnia. The Strattera helped his hyperactivity level and to some degree his impulsivity. It greatly helped his sleep habits and increased his appetite. For him, Strattera also tremendously reduced his anxiety. BUT, Strattera did nothing for his ability to focus. We added several doses of Ritalin/day WITH the Strattera. Good sleep habits continued and his appetite was okay. Also, with Strattera there is no noticeable stimulant "let down" when the Ritalin wears off. Yesterday, I switched him from the Ritalin back to Concerta (36 mg) along with the Strattera (40 mg). He ate a good breakfast, then took the Concerta at 7 am. He ate a small lunch and was snacking around 5:30. By 7 pm he was starved. He also was asleep before 10:30. So, it seems that the Concerta is working well with the Strattera too. We'll stick with this combo as long as it works for him.
Re: Straterra
Oct 15, 2003
My daughter also developed tics from stimulants, adderall, concerta, etc. She would pick at her face and arms. We took her off the stimulants in August and the tics stopped. She is now on 50mgs of strattera and she has not had any tics. The strattera does not seem to help with her hyperactivity/ impulsivity though

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