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Re: Straterra
Aug 7, 2003
My 8 year old son has been on Strattera for four months. He has had moodiness but it seems as time goes on the "fits" get further and further apart and are usually related to overtiredness or hunger. He is otherwise doing very well, much calmer, happier, a little more easy going. The only thing we found out (the hard way) is he must have a good meal in his stomache when he takes his med, otherwise he gets very ill, nauseous, sweating, dizzy. He takes it in the am I can see it does wear off a little by nighttime but not enough to warrant another dose for him.
Re: Straterra
Aug 13, 2003
My 15 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed as ADD and we started out with Strattera (40mg) 2 days ago. About 2 hr after the dose she was nauseated (scale of 1-10, 5 if she didn't move and 9 if she did), terribly dizzy (said the bed was shaking), dry mouth, fatigued and then fell into a weird sleep (she said it was very strange and was like being asleep but awake and sounded like a very 'drugged' sleep to me). I called her Dr. and he had me take her pulse and get her to drink something. After another short nap she said it had passed for the most part. We are changing it to 25 mg and we'll see what that does, but it certainly got my attention and I must say I'm worried about the effects short term and long term of this rx. Last year was so disastrous for her that I hope we can find something that helps. She was always an A/B student and did well in class until she hit jr. high and then -wow- it was like a full blown case of ADD instantly. Looking back I think there were signs of it much earlier, but it was easy to overlook them when she did so well at school. And since I am certainly ADD, I'm sure my frenzied mind didn't catch most of it. I have read all the posts that referenced Strattera and I have pretty mixed feelings about it. One minute it sounds like the miracle you hope for if you can stay on it long enough, and the next it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Does Lilly have any site that has info on their drug trials with this drug (ie- %s of those who experienced specific side effects)? We will continue to try the lower dosage and see what happens. Tonight I gave her the 25 mg dose and about an hr later she said she had only slight dizziness, dry mouth, and was so fatigued she thought she would go to bed early. Since it is sometimes impossible to get teens to bed before obscene hours, this last side effect was not so bad. I'll probably check on her 10 or 20 times tonight (lol) so this med will also cause the parent some fairly serious fatigue. Also, the first time we tried this at 40mg. 2 days ago, she was horribly moody for the rest of the day. She said she felt like lashing out most of the afternoon. Very unlike her. Oh well, I can see that this walk will not be easy, but it beats the alternative of suffering with the ADD which I know well.

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