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Ritalin to Concerta
Oct 21, 2003
My 7 year old grandson (55 Lb.) was first on Ritilan for about 2 years (during school only) and was getting by in school with no behavior problems but lacked appetite while on it. Hes now being tried on Concerta 18 mg.. 90% of the time he is on it he still has no appetite. Along with that he has become disruptive in class, one time banged his fist on the desk due to problems he was having with his math or whatever. I noticed while the concerta was working he had great concentration whether it was to play games, build lego or whatever but once he started to come off of it about 10 or 11 hours after taking it he becomes quite cranky and agitated and is starving and eats almost in a frenzy. He is also experiencing trouble falling asleep. Are these side effects that will pass, how long should we give it before going back to the Ritilan.???? The druggist suggested seeing the specialist and maybe he needed his dose increased. He said it is the same strength as Ritilan but slow releasing, so he is getting 18 mg compared to the 20 mg is was on with the Ritilan. Any suggestions? Tx Karon

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