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I replied on the Strattera thread, but I'll do it again here. My son was on 54 mg of Concerta from ages 8-10 with great results for his ADHD. He rarely, though, went to sleep before 11:30 (It was usually closer to 12:30 or later)and would not get hungry until around 9:00 pm when it wore off. However, the positive effect it had on his ability to function successfully (at home, in school, with friends, and in sports) was a benefit that outweighed the side effects. When Strattera came out, we tried that exclusively, but it didn't work for his focusing and only minimally helped his impulsivity. It did do a decent job controlling his hyperactivity, and it greatly improved his eating and especially his sleeping habits. We also surprisingly realized that while on Strattera the anxiety problems he had were virtually nonexistent. Therefore, we reintroduced Concerta (but at 36mg) along WITH the Strattera. The Strattera seems to combat the Concerta side effects and there is no noticeable stimulant "let down" when it wears off. His anxiety has been controlled and he eats and sleeps and is doing well in school and sports, and at home and with friends. For him, the combination of the two is working well at this time.

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