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crazy run on post so please bear with me.I've been on 20mg xr twice daily for adhd at first i thought it was amazing i could actually sit thru a sit com or read without the words moving all over the page and remember what i read. so from nothing to xr was a huge improvement, however. I ran out of my meds and couldn't get in to be seen for a whole month. . . well I'm also bi-polar much more susiptable to the depression or mixed states of irritability so when one takes away one's ability to make a decision like adderall helps one do, it sent me into a mixed depression with irritability naturally if you understand how it all works in the brain. anyhow sorry still lacking focus. My situation is this, as with any psych disorder we manage to migrate toward people like ourselves and of course I have a friend who is also ADHD, in near crisis(because i sware the condition gets worse than before when the meds ware off) I asked if i could use a few of hers and would replace with mine when i see the doc. Well theoretically that seemed fine except that it is a controlled substance and i shouldn't be taking other peoples meds rite, ok i know this. to the point she had 30 mg ir she said take half in the am half in the afternoon that would be close to my reg dose wow the difference. it wears off faster but it gets in quicker by what seems hours. problem is how do i tell the doc i took someone else meds and like them better. the ir seems to work in less than an hour and at 15mg i don't forget what i'm doing every ten minutes.

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