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Hi. Loss of apetite on stimulant medications is very common. Lots of children become very underweight while on these meds. If he is lucky his apetite will come back somewhat, but for many kids this is a permanent side effect. Maybe you should think about switching to a non-stimulant. If thats not possible think about trying regular adderall. That way he can eat between doses. If he eats breakfast, then takes his first dose, it should wear off around lunch time or right after school. Then feed him a big lunch of after school snack. His second dose should wear off intime for dinner. If the adderall xr is lasting all day long then its possible one dose of regular adderall would last long enough for school and homework.

Strattera is a non-stim med and some kids do have weight loss when starting strattera but then their weight averages out to normal.

Is it possible that his dose is too high? Ask him how he is feeling. Is he having any other side effects? Insomnia?? 20mg doesnt seem like much for adderall xr but this medication seems to be very strong for some kids and 20mg can be too high of a dose.

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