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[QUOTE=jkil22]Christine you sound bipolar, those highs are called 'mania' check this out, sound familure?

Anyways back to Welbutrin for ADD /ADHD long does it take to work? i took it for a couple weeks every day and stopped because I heard it can cause you to lose your hair and I am already do that (not from the med but was already before) so that makes me not want to take it, might speed up the process? So does it really work for Adhd andanyone losing hair from it?[/QUOTE]

No, I'm definitely not bi-polar. My moods weren't that bad, just not my normal happy self....maybe I should have said "irritable". I am more laid-back with the strattera, and things don't get to me like they used to, that is a positive I can see. However, every day at one time or another, I still forget something or where I have laid something. Am I becoming immune to the meds or what? I wonder if the med is not working for me. I feel like ...if I can still forget things or where I've put things ... How do you REALLY know if its indeed working?

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