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Narcotics the first meaning of the word for opiates then loosely included addictive substances.

I'm on Dexedrine 30 mg qam which is about 40 mg of adderal a day. Amphetamines are classified as narcotics.

1st your MD was probably covering his *** re: adderal but just reading your post it does sound like you're drug seeking ie telling a doc of any kind that you require an extra dose or two of amphetamines due to narcolepsy which must. E clinically demonstrated under Federal Laws
2nd 14mg of Xanax and Rivotril by definition you do have a drug problem

Go by the advise of your psychiatrist and his rx's for phychoactive drugs. Don't bug your MDs about such things they are really at a loss cause they specialize in primary care not psychiatry

I have been on the same dose of Dexedrine for over 7 years and find if I stick to that dose you don't build up a significant tolerance. I've been taking stimulants for 27 years I have tried them all the only one you can't build up a tolerance to is Reactivan-fencamphemane 20 mg a day. It's simular to cocaines mechanism of action but lasts 14 hours after a morning dose. I prefer that drug over an amphetamine any day!

Listen to your shrink!!

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