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[QUOTE=Walt A]I'm a 35 year old male who is taking the 30 mg XR.

Without a doubt, it helps me focus in my fast paced, attention critical job, however I sometimes wonder if it is affecting my verbal communication skills a bit. Sometimes I find myself seaching for the right word or blerting out poorly constructed sentences. I think my short term memory is affected too.[/QUOTE]

I wonder how long you have been on 30 mg. I had very similar symptoms after boosting my dose of provigil, which my doc said was an indication that my dose was too high. (When interviewing people, for example, I would have to write down every question I thought of during a conversation or else I would forget what I wanted to ask, even if it was my next question; I would also have much more trouble than usual trying to remember words when speaking.)

When I was scaling into Adderal XR, the first few days I took 30 mg. rather than 20 mg. I experienced a fairly "speedy" high feeling about two hours after my dose, lasting for 90 minutes or so, but this went away after several days. Your doctor would know better than I, but it could be that if your symtoms persist, your dose may be too high.

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