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[QUOTE=gemcutterswife]I started taking Adderall XR 6 days ago. I take 30mg once a day, when I get up. This is the first add medicine I"ve been on, as I"m sure I have had ADD for quite some time now but didnt go to the doctor until last Tuesday when I was finally fed up with not being able to barely function. I noticed an immediate difference 30 minutes after taking it, it was like I was on prescription speed, although I was jittery and moving and talking a mile a minute, it had an amazing mood leveling affect the same day, I had so much more patience with my kids. I am still on it, I"m not quite so jittery and am not wound so tight( my heart rate the say I took it was 118, it is now back it its normal rate). Its still been an appetite suppressant, but I am able to get up easily in the morning, I get things done and I have energy. I can concentrate better when I read, I still misplace things(Not quite as much as usual though) but if I cant find something it doesnt upset me like it used to and I dont hunt and hunt and hunt until I find what i was looking for. I lost 3 lbs the first 3 days of being on it(No complaints there though) I havent weighed myself in the last three days to see if I"ve lost anymore weight but I've also had the energy to get on my treadmill once or twice a day and have been walking longer distances on it. I do get really bad dry mouth though and dont really eat much at all. All in all I"m pretty happy with it as this is the best I"ve been able to function in a long time.[/QUOTE]

This sounds like you have the same problems I have but I was put on ritilin and it just made me tired and blank minded. I would realy like to know how this works out for you because I need to try something different.
I went to the dr finnaly 1 1/2 months ago.
check out my post "need advise on meds" if you get the tims
Good luck

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