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Hi memehegan,
My son is almost 13 y/o and has been on Strattera since March of this year. It seems to work well according to my son, but I don't see that it helps much. He is also taking Concerta 27 mg each morning also. This seems to work pretty well, but his tics are increased. But that is another long story.

I was worried about the side effects with my adoloscent son as well.

I have asked my son about the male side effects like "Do you have a urine drip after you finish going to the bathroom" and "Is your urine kind of milky looking at times" and the answer to both was no.

I feel much better since seeing the posts that say the side effects go away after a couple of months.
If you do question you son, try to do it in the least embarrasing and threatening manner that you can. I questioned my son while we were in the car and he was in the backseat.

I hope this helps you some.

Mom of a wonderful "Tigger"
I am very hesitant because my son already has poor bladder control, if he eats any foods that are not on the gfcf diet or corn based he has no bladder control for 1-3 days, he is already moody and can be very verbally aggressive when stressed or cranky after school, I cant imagine these behaviors worse- and then theres the weeks to get the full benefit- Jay without one does of ritilin is non- stop hi-pitched verbal squeels and what sounds like verbal tics- he has so many issues and diagnosis that verbal tics just make the doctor throw his hands up as if thats the least of our problems. And god forbid it does worsen the behaviors- much worse than they are and I would have to stop working, then I have read that it takes weeks to get out of your system. I am just not so sure that this is the drug for him, the concerta sent him over the edge, he was a nightmare- two or three weeks of that could put him back in the hospital. -meme

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