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Recent med history
44 yr old male: Still on Wellbutrin -300mg/day for over a year and Straterra 50 mg/day for approx 30 days, prior to this on Concerta/Ritalin in lieu of Straterra. Yesterday started 60 mg Straterra, doctor taking it slow to 80 mg (normal dose) due to urological symptoms (experienced before with Effexor before being on Wellbutrin)

After first several days on Straterra
- I started noticing urination and ejaculation effects.
- Also EXTREMELY dry mouth.
- Could not sleep well at night, as on a caffeine kick that keeps you tossing and turning
-Fairly good headache and stomach upset
-Experienced some touch sensitivity as if somewhat surreal

** Good things**
Mental effects:
-Do not seem so artificially up, compared to Concerta/Ritalin, but doze off a bit more than before. Feel a bit more like me.
-Have found more periods of digging in on a project to completion as compared to Concerta/Ritalin.

**Not so good things**
Urination effects
-After urination, when ready to button up, another small wave hits to get out the last few dribbles.
During urination, lots of stops and starts, weak in stream.
-Usually a bit of pain right after
-Urination usually doesn't start right away like it did before Straterra, especially if I've not had many fluids prior.

Sexual effects
-Ejaculation is not as forceful, almost like it occurs first then the ejaculate comes out, sometimes the other way around.
-Painful right after ejaculation
-Almost anti-climax sensation at ejaculation,
-Lots of pre-come fluid almost as soon as erection occurs.
-Erection in penis not as rigid as before, if stimulation stops, returns to flaccid much faster.
-More of a premature ejaculation experience than before, but most of this I attribute to the Wellbutrin, which has been my experience.

It sure seems like there are folks who have been having a fair share of these problems. It would be great to know if there are any other statistics that have come forward as to what percentage of patients we fit into. I'm fairly confident that those who have little or no problems are probably not reporting like those who've had problems.

I will be visiting a urologist at the recommendation by my psychiatrist to discuss these symptoms, which seem typical of BPH (Enlarged Prostate) of which I tend to believe Straterra has created.

Can anyone point me to results on test subjects?


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