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I'm glad I found this thread and feel fortunate to hear everyone's input on this sensitive and personal topic. Here's my two cents:

I've been taking Wellbutrin (SR) 300 mg/day for about three years. I added Strattera at 85 mg/day three months ago. So I guess that means I'm on two uptake inhibitors.?

I agree that the strange side effects are startling. However, the dizziness, headaches and constipation all went away after about five weeks.

I still need to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but view this as a good thing forcing me to keep well hydrated. I never drink alcohol BTW.

I also occasionally have the urge to pee immediately after relieving myself. However, I know it is a false alarm - ignore it and the urge goes away.

For me these side effects are minor compared to the pluses: relaxed state of mind, better focus/organization ability, clearer thinking/reasoning.

I understand why everyone is so concerned about the effects on sexual functions. I am 42 and sexually compulsive. It is a high priority for me.

It does take a bit more stimulation to get hard now that I am on Strattera, however, once erect I last longer. Achieving orgasm takes a little longer (a good thing) but when it comes the orgasm lasts twice as long (45 secs. instead of 20) and is twice as intense.

I'm actually more in synch with my partner with Strattera. She prefers a slow build, gradually ramping excitement like a wave that eventually lets itself go and topples over. Yet it's not an explosion, but more of a continuous rush as the water and bubbling foam picks you up and carries you along (exact time varies) before leaving you on the beach.

The sex is better. I concentrate on my partner more and enjoy the ride as much as the climax.

My experience with this drug is to give it some time - never miss a dose - remain calm. The pluses outweigh the minuses.

But remember, I NEVER drink alcohol. Possibly this is part of the reason my experiences have been different that some of you. I do not know how Strattera reacts in the presence of alcohol.

Many thanks again for sharing this discussion.

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