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Been over a year since last post, so hoping this post may cause folks to check back in and post updates. Like others, I'm curious on longetivity of some of those side effects. Seems like some had them go away, others did not.

Either way, thought it might be useful to share my experience thus far, and welcome any feedback.

I'm a 28 year old male.

At age 18/19:
Started smoking pot and drinking alcohol like most kids this age do.

At age 20:
Get job in my career line (which I still hold today).

At age 21:
Weee!!! Old enough to go to the bar. Started drinking decent amount, 4 nights a week or so. Still smoke pot maybe 4-5 times a week (2-3 hits at a pop....not enough to get comatose). Go to shrink as I feel signs that I understand match that of depression. Quickly prescribes Zoloft, and I ween myself off after approx 6 months due to no longer having emotions. While I know drinking isn't helping, feel I'm too young to entertain thought of risk of losing my social life. Begin working out at gym on regular basis.

At age 22-23:
See a counseler (thinking previous shrink was just a pill pusher). She thinks feeling related to alcohol consumption, asks me to stop for month. I refuse, and stop seeing her after maybe 4-5 visits. Still smoking pot at same frequency. See another shrink, and he tells me I have no prob...."everyone gets down now and then." Stop seeing him after 4-5 visits. Still working out (and in great physical shape), and enjoying partying part of my life. Still feeling "down" sometimes, uncertain if due to depression or normal. Have difficulty sometimes in social situations, especially when sober.

At age 24:
Dating great girl for about a year (tying my dating sustainment record). Start calming down on going to bars, but still drinking at home same frequency. Gym stopped for about a year due to work craziness. Still possible feelings of depression, and some social issues. Work performance up to this point is great however, feel proud and confident in that area.

At age 25:
Buy my first house. Realizing drinking is becoming an issue, and calm it down to 2-3 nights a week in favor of daily pot smoking. Ironically smoking motivates me to do things I otherwise have no interest in (house projects, etc.), however due to effects of pot, things probably go a bit slower than if sober. Job still going great (although kinda crazy). Still not back to gym. Depression & social issues feel same (still manageable).

At age 26:
Back to gym. Still smoking daily. Getting bored of work (want to jump to diff career, even though quite successful).

At age 27:
Realizing the memory issues and some other adverse effects from pot smoking are too much. Try quitting, and end up w/ sleeping issues for first time in life (and not aware of relation to stopping smoking). Also very irritable. See regular doc who chalks it up to low level anxiety and puts me on 10mg Lexapro. Pick smoking back up and either the smoking and/or Lexapro handles sleeping issue after a week or 2. Due to possible depression symptoms and what may be some small anxiety-like symptoms, decide staying on Lexapro may be good. Still dating same girl, and things are pretty good there. Back to gym.

At age 28, one week ago:
Decide to quit smoking pot for good. I find myself forgetting stuff all the time, amongst other issues. Also have followup with doc about Lexapro and sleeping deal (no more issues, but just to check up). I go in, and admit the previous smoking habit and that I stopped a couple days prior. Doc makes possible correlation to previous sleeping issue when I stopped smoking then. I state concern of both another sleeping issue, as well as lack of motiviation to do things (again, house projects, etc.) when I'm no longer high. Doc eventually diagnoses ADD, and I'm utterly amazed on match against symptoms. Feel like maybe this is the missing piece to the puzzle of my life.

4 days ago (Tues):
Start taking 25mg Strattera, and upped does of Lexapro to 20mg....both taken in AM. Feel awefully loopy, but will ride it out. Out of no where that night, sleeping probs are back. Lucky if I got 2-3 hours. Lack of appetite, and more sweaty than normal too.

Wed & Thur:
Ball of fire at work. Talking to people, feel way more social. Switching on and off tasks with significant ease. In GREAT mood. Is this possibly cuz of meds? Seems to early to feel benefits. If this has been the piece of my life I felt missing all this time, I wish it had been discovered earlier. Still have sleeping problems though, and Lunesta doesn't help a whole lot. Started to have feeling of needing to urunate frequently, even though I know I don't need to....rather annoying. Also notice a different feeling with little buddy down below - things still work, just take a little longer to "wake up". Nothing like "output" issues explained by others. Appetite and sweatiness same as Tues. However by Thurs night, side effects have me concerned enough to consider stop taking Strat. Girlfriend (same one, 5 years!) convinces me to give more time, and I hesitently agree.

Up Strat dose to 40mg per docs orders. Will be upping again to 65 after 3 days. Loopy again today, like on Tues, although maybe not quite as bad. Urination feeling still bothersome. Little guy still working, but things still seem/feel different down there.

Had borderline shakes today. Otherwise everything like Fri.

Sorry for those bothered by long explanation here, thought maybe the timeline would help folks understand how I got here. I really liked the positive effect from Wed/Thurs, and wondering if I should go back down to 25mg Strat. Don't see doc for another 2 weeks or so, and wanna ride it out in hopes my body gets used to things and side effects minimize or diminish. If so, this could be the answer I've been waiting for all these years.

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