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Is Adderall the only med you are taking ? The sexual side effects from Strattera are very common in any reuptake inhibitor medication. All SSRIs and Effexor have the potential of sexual side effects.

You can put my name on the Strattera male sexual dysfunction list. I'm 46, treated for bi-polar for 6 years, first with intolerable Prozac, then Effexor and more recently and very successfully with Effexor XR for the past 3 years. My doc and I always believed I straddled both bi-polar and ADHD diagnosis.

I always complained about short-term memory and lack of focus as the major problems I experienced and he wanted to give Strattera a try and see what the results would be.

After 1 month my wife remarked that she thought I was doing better on EXR. She told me I was moodier, lacking patience and angry. All true.

I was much more emotionally stable when taking EXR and had more of an 'edge', meaning a lust to live and accomplish. I slept better, woke earlier and was more productive - I could knock out a to-do list over a weekend and wake up Monday AM feeling pretty good about myself. Now I find myself disinterested in most things again and short on patience which is needed for my kids.

Now for that male sexual dysfunction-where the heck did that come from? The passengers are hopping off the train before it gets to the station. Just bizarre! I've experienced most of the same symptoms described in the earlier posts and I noticed it within 2 weeks of beginning Strattera. I swear I have an enlarged prostate-I noticed 'shrinkage' in the flaccid size of my penis, change in urination habits and after ejaculation it feels like a grapefruit is in my butt.

Oh, the disconnect between ejaculation and orgasm is really weird. I also noticed that as soon as stimulation is stopped, it's back to the starting line again.

I have noticed positive results from Strattera: better concentration, can focus on a task, feel calmer. I also found it to be very unforgiving if I skip a dose. I recently forgot my AM dose (80) and went to work and my brain was jammed by noon. I couldn't remember an 8 character string of numbers without having to look at it 10 times while I was typing it, my brain was like sludge. I'm seeing my doc next week and inquiring if a low dose of EXR can be used with the Strattera and try that for 2 months. If not, I may ditch the strat in favor of EXR again.

Best wishes everyone

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