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Edarcy - Great news that your husband read the posts. They were pretty eye opening for me too! A couple of things - Strattera was actually developed by Lilly as the first medication specifically for adults with ADD/ADHD. It is also being used with children at this point, as it is a non narcotic alternative to other children meds. I would also like to suggest that Strattera is not a mood altering drug. There is no "high", no false sense of happiness or contentment - just a greater resistance to distraction; more focus.

Coreburn - until I read your post and your noting vivid dreams, I had forgot all about those! Yes indeed- there have been some very vivid, detailed dreams.

To one and all - a hopeful reminder that these sexual side effects do seem to decrease in time. Until they do, see if you can alter your timing of sex - perhaps you'll have more feeling in the morning as opposed to the evening/nightime hours.

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