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She told me today he is 160 miles away in a hospital just outside the NYC burrows! We live in upstate NY and the doc we use is the only one around for over 60 miles in any direction that can medicate children , before the county hired him we had to drive over an hour one way to get to the nearest psychiatrist for children. Something in my nephews brain doesnt quite work right- smart guy but very very rigid. Screams and tempertantrums for hours daily- even before the straterra. Once he learns something one way- like when his dad told him in refrence to dollar bills that the presidents were dead he is unable to unlearn it or change his understanding. He arruged insesently with me that allllll the presidents are dead- even when I showed him yesterdays pic in the newspaper of Bush he said well he died last night. All the presidents are dead. -see what I mean? I told my sister today that when its all said and done I wont be surprised if he is diagnosised with aspbergers like my son- its the rigidity that makes me suspicous combined with the emotional delay. The admitted him because he lies obssesively and seemingly uncontrollably- did everything in his power to convince every one that his 6 year old sister- half his age and size forced him to touch her- even though she is scared of him. It is so sad- straterra was obviously the last drug this child should ever have been on. -meme
I'm 22 years old and I started taking Strattera 4 days ago. (40mg). From day one I noticed several side effects. For several hours after taking my first dose I became extremely tired with a mild headache and a general clouded mind. It was so bad I couldn't do anything but lay down until the feeling passed. Later that night while having sex I noticed some of the "sexual side effects" listed in the pamphlet. I noticed a burning pain while ejaculating coupled with a less intense orgasm. I mean less intense to the point that I hardly noticed I was having an orgasm.

I've also had urinary problems, but different than others have posted. I feel the need to urinate every 20 minutes or so, and I do. I have not had the problem of being unable to urinate, but then again due to the dry mouth issue I've been drinking Gatorade non-stop all week.

I've noticed a lot of negatives and no positives to the use of this drug. I haven't had any ADD symptoms because I've been too tired and lethargic to have much thought process or action at all. It seems almost as if the world around me is moving much faster than I'm used to seeing. If this is the way the drug "cures" the symptoms of ADD then it is DEFINATELY not for me and I would not suggest anyone take this.

The side effects - fatigue, constant headache, appetite loss, and especially the sexual side effects are too much to deal with. And if my choice is no ADD with Strattera while keeping these terrible effects or life with ADD, then I choose ADD.

I'll be contacting both my doctor and Lilly tomorrow to inform them of this. Hopefully I can find something else without the side effects to help me out.

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