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Wow - I too am amazed that Lilly didn't have any info like this. I am 38yo, taking 80mg Strattera. Was taking Concerta 54 but the benefits diminished (addictive family) Hardest time was first 2 weeks but was coming off of Concerta. All of the side effects to 11.

Most of these have gone away but still a little nausea in the AM if I skip breakfast. Dry Mouth bothers me quite regularly throughout the day (triggered by "stress") and then there is the sexual side effects. I'm arroused at the slightest thought of making love but, sometimes, without any orgasm in sight, I just collapse from exhaustion.

My favorite - the "orgasmic sweats". This is profuse sweating that has replacee ejaculation. While building to climax, everything working great, a split second before the usual time for ejaculation, sweat just pours from every pore on my body. The shock of so much water suddenly appearing makes for huge laughter from the confussion. Half of the time, when that happens, I have a cerebral orgasm. Half of the time, NOTHING! Overall, the orgasmic sweats happen about 25% of the time.

And yes, the feeling that my bladder is going to burst occurs imediatly after ejaculation.

Overall, I like the stability that Strattera offers over Concerta but am now weighing the discomforts of the dry mouth and fatigue over the benefits.


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