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Bioadd, I've definitely on the same dosage for several years for add and only recently got upped in my dosage when I went for an evaluation with a new doctor (a psychologist, I believe). I had no problems being on the same dosage for years and I never considered going up until the doctor suggested after I spoke with her about some of the problems I was having (i am currently in school too). But even then I only agreed to go up about 10 mgs because I was worried about the whole addiction thing too.

What I find disturbing is that you seem to be exhibiting signs of addiction and your doctor keeps upping your dose for you? I wouldn't think a doctor would do that.

I would request to try XR the next time because I honestly think it would be better for you. I get the name brand for the bigger dose because the generic XR always used to come in a tablet (i remember thinking the tablets seemed iffy in absorption so I didn't like them)--though I have no idea if that is still the case and it might even just depend on the dose you need, because I know for sure that there is now a generic XR capsule (gel cap) for the 10mgs, 'cause I always get the generic XR for that.

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