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I've been diagnosed w/ ADD (officially) for almost 3 months, I started at 10mg IR adderall 2x day, then went to 20mg IR the next month. I talked to my doctor and asked her to see me early, because the 20mg was basically like not taking anything at all. I explained that it worked, but for maybe 1 hour, 1 1/2 at best. (by "working" i'm not speaking of a "high" I was focused, productive, calm, and then poof, want to fall asleep, not focused, all over the place bouncing back and forth again) She prescribed me the same dosage (20mg 2x day) only in XR, well my insurance said no, so in an effort to make some sort of solution she put me on 30mg IR 2x daily. The 30 has been working great for me, focused for longer, no "weird" feelings, however tonight, I feel like I am literally freezing. (It is a bit cold outside, however the heat is on) I had friends over and asked if they were cold, and they were opposite (this is also a new house, so I'm still figuring out how the heat flows through the house) but could this be from my increase in dose like I'm reading? should I be worried? -- I wasn't worried at first then I made the mistake of using google.. now of course, my anxiety has set in, panic attack, and think I'm dying. I have no "blue" fingers or toes, and other than being tired, and the panic attack (which has subsided now), I feel fine. Do I need to seek medical attention? Thanks in advance.

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