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I'm not one who frequents doctors or takes allot of pills. I'm middle aged and a business man in Sales. My job is fast paced and requires tons of multitasking, I've always found it a little difficult to get motivated and stay concentrated on a particular task to completetion, however in the last year I've found it much more difficult to concentrate and finish a project, I find myself jumping from project to project or "fire" to "fire" and really dissappopinted in the actual amount of work completed at the end of the day. A good friend of mine I talked to about this gave me a couple of Adderall pills that his son is prescribed for, and WOW!
Not beign a big medicine taker, I took a half a pill and it was a huge difference, I was much more entergetic, found it easier to converse with people and really had me concentrating and accomplishing allot. I took another half a few days later and made those 2 pills last me pretty much 2 1/2 weeks. WIth such a good outcome I'm interested in pursuing a prescription but didn't want to use my normal doctor because she is also a friend and when I even hinted to the adderall subject she was very against anyone using it. So anyone know any doctors or have any advice in pursuing a prescription for adderall please let me know (I do have insurance)

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