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Hi all.. I'm a 35yr old / 115lb / 5ft woman. As of 9/2012 I was diagnosed with adult ADD after being told for the last 16 yrs that it was severe depression and anxiety. I tried prob 30 different types of anti-depressants, benzos & multiple mood stabilizers.. All of these were to no avail.. I continued to progressively worsen year by year with the last year and a half I spent at an all time low. I always feel different and DEF knew I was not normal since I was a teen. I was constantly told I was too sensitive, overly emotional & impulsive.. I would fly into a rage of anger in a heart beat over the stupidest things, so bad to the point I have caused physical damage to property and harmed others in the process. Even spent a few different nights in jail or hospital due to getting so out of control. Not to mention I had a hard time being a single parent and holding down a job because I would get bored to quickly. I got so distraught because nothing was working for me. I started experimenting w MJ at 28 (first time I ever tried it) did that a few mths and then quit that and turned to alcohol to self Medicate.. The thing with alcohol is I never had to have it I just drank to not hurt yet was able to quit anytime; however, my dad saw how much and how often I was drinking and convinced me I had a problem. I started AA meetings and even spent a week in rehab (which did nothing for me because I knew I could quit at anytime) which I did later in life. I now only socially drink maybe 3beers max 2x a Mth at work happy hours.. Finally this September I met a wonderful therapist who I went to for marital issues.. We spent 45mins talking and when our session was almost over he mentioned the possibility that I had ADD which we would investigate further..I walked out of his office shaking my head and thinking he had no idea what he was talking about.. That night I mentioned this to my husband and kind of chuckled because in 35yrs ADD was something that had never once been mentioned by the multiple Drs I had seen for help and DEF something I Never once considered to be my problem. Well I started researching it and I swear it fit me to a tee. I was kind of shaken, upset, frustrated even excited that I had suffered so many painful years and finally I may have the underlying issue because I never really felt depressed more so misunderstood I guess, its a hard thing to explain..So I got tested I tested positive on 19 out if 20 sections.. WOW was all I could think.. Well I was started on 10mg IR Adderall BID my first script was a Corepharma generic.. I felt a little different at first but drastically different after two weeks. All in positive ways and had no side effects whatsoever.. I only felt like it just wasn't quite enough to get me thru the day. So my Dr changed me to 20mg IR Adderall BID.. this script was a Barr generic.. and honestly I am having more trouble focusing and do not feel it is working as well as the other generic. I called the pharmacy (Walgreens) and was told its all the same.. Well I am hear to say it VERY much is not and I don't know what to do now.. Does anyone have ideas for me??? sorry this was so long.. Thanks to all who reply for reading this thru..

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