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I was diagnosed with ADHD in June, 2012 at the tender age of 54! I quit drinking at 24 on a bet with my dad - that lasted almost 17years. However, I was just "dry". I didn't change; I was impatient, critcal, judgmental, a ticking time-bomb, hating myself and others. I flew off the handle and my dad who was 6'2" and over 250 lbs. was afraid of me at 5'6" 110 lbs and he walked on eggshells. I was hyper-sensitive. This is attributed to the addict in my. I did drink again and geot treatment after 8 months and almost dying (although I never blacked out or got drunk). Once I got sober, all those negative things I mentioned went away.

I still, however, could not finish things or focus. My friend suggested I get tested for ADHD. I scored a 16/20 and it took a month, but was put on Concerta. I became extremely fatigued...weas yawning in my daily yoga practice and found I struggled to finish (it is hot yoga, but very good for you). I finally got prescribed adderall and find my focus and mood are much more level.

I don't make judgments, but perhaps you may see something in my story that relates to yours. The 12 Steps of AA - I use my yoga practice today as my spiritual ground has grown immensely - can and should be used by everyone. The fact that I was the center of the universe and got extremely angry when things didn't go my way - was totally changed when I turned my will over. It's not about me.

The adderall has changed my focus and my life. I don't need any mood altaring substances or negative behaviors today like I did in the past.

Just sayin'....

Good luck - I wish you well.

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