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I have ADD and tend to be disorganized, start things and don't finish, go off in ten directions at once, forget where I put things etc. It has been somewhat humorous for us, as my husband is very organized and rather compulsive about neatness, etc., where I can be a slob and messy if I allow myself to let entropy take over. We have learned to cope and he tolerates my shortcomings pretty well. We used to share an office, now have separate ones at home, because he couldn't stand to look at my desk piled high with papers. You can do the same thing with closets, dressers, etc. I have also found medication to be very helpful with helping me focus and get things done. I tend to go in circles without it. I am on both Ritalin and Wellbutrin, both of which help a great deal. I write numerous lists to help me remember, use color coding a lot to keep papers from getting the best of me, as paper is my nemesis. You may be able to find a support group for ADD too, for the two of you to attend. The more you know, the more you can cope and make adjustments to work around his difficulty.

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