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I have been taking ADD medication for about 3 years. I moved a couple months ago and had to find a new pdoc. Before I moved, I was taking Adderall 25XR in the morning and 10mg of Adderall IR in the afternoon.

When I was at my first appt. in October with my new pdoc, she started me back on a very low dose of Adderall (10mg of XR) because I told her that I had not taken the medication for a month because I had a difficult time finding a new doctor.

After one month, I told her that I needed a higher dose because the 10mg of XR wasn't lasting very long. She upped my dose by only 5mg. I was then taking 10 mg of Adderall XR in the morning and 5mg of IR in the afternoon.

After 3 weeks of this regimen, I told her that this still wasn't lasting me all day. I don't know if she had forgotten about my dose before I moved or what. Instead of upping my Adderall dose, she started me on Vyvanse 20mg this past month.

I like the way Vyvanse feels over Adderall XR, but it only lasts about 4 hours. I would like to stay on Vyvanse, but I would also like to have some kind of booster in the afternoon like my previous doctor had me on. I like having a dose in the morning and a dose in the afternoon.

I don't know how to tell my new pdoc this. I feel like she will just up my Vyvanse dose to 30mg and it won't be very effective. I think she prefers prescribing Vyvanse over Adderall. Is it common to have an Adderall booster in the afternoon with Vyvanse? I feel like the Vyvanse would be a good substitute for the Adderall XR, but I really miss the Adderall IR. Should I just tell her I want to go back to the Adderall?

Any thoughts/opinions/experiences on how to approach this at my appointment this week? Thanks.
I have no issue with the way your doctor is approaching this, despite the frustration that it may cause. Titration is the correct way to approach any stimulant med.

That said, Vyvanse is merely a new formulation of dextroamphetamine, and there is no reason that an instant release medication (like Adderall IR) should not be used to extend its effect.

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