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Do I have ADD?
Feb 22, 2013

My problem is that I feel distracted, and I cannot focus on one thing, especially studying even though I used to study 5 hours a day. Sometimes, even though there is nothing in my mind, I feel there is like a wall that keeps me from focusing studying.

I was diagnosed with ADD last year. I also was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

I started by taking Adderall, Klonopin, and a medication for anxiety that causes sleepiness. I felt much better, and I could concntrate easily at that time. However, I started sleeping 14 hours a day, so my psychiatrist stopped both Adderall and decreased the dosage ofthe other medication that I don't know its name.

She then gave me Concerta and abilify in addition to Klonopin. I felt as good as I was, and could easily concentrate. However, the same problem with sleeping came again.

At that time, she stopped the medication that I don't remember its name and Concerta. She gave me wellbutrin and strattera. She gave me a low dose of strattera, and was planning to increase it later. After a month, I moved to a new city, and I told my psychiatrist that since I started using strattera, I didn't feel any improvement, so she stopped it.

Since that time, about six month ago, my new psychiatrist has changed the dosage of each medication except wellbutrin. She said that I might not have ADD, but anxiety and depression are causing it, so she haven't gave me any ADD medication. She also says that medications conflict with each other. My concentration has not improved since that time, and sometimes, it decreased.

I actually think that what I have is ADD and it makes me worried becuase I cannot study. I feel like I don't have anxiety or depression.

How can I know if I have ADD or not?

Do I need to find a new psychiatrist ? since my current psychiatrist has not helped me for 6 months.

Please, help me. I am having hard time studying, and I am worried about my future.


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