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This is my first time posting to this board, so thanks for welcoming me into the community :)

I am 26 yo F, who was recently diagnosed with ADD (inattentive) and anxiety. I have had symptoms of ADD my entire life (as chronicled by teachers reports and comments, as well as physical symptoms) but was never given meds for it because I never had healthcare growing up.

As such, my doctor (psychiatric NP) gave me a 10mg dose of Ritalin IR, to take "as needed" throughout the day. She said she prescribes ritalin over adderall b/c it is more well-studied, and she said there's no real need for XR because it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to take the pills multiple times a day.

So, I've started on the Ritalin as per her orders, but it's very unpleasant. It doesn't work - I still feel just as unfocused and inattentive. Since I've upped the dose (as per her orders), I STILL feel inattentive, and my anxiety just increases. Plus, I'm having stomach upset and headaches. Although I don't get the positive benefits, I'm experiencing a lot of negative side effects, and the pill wears off after only about 3 hours after which I start to feel EVEN worse (jittery, stomach aches, headaches all worse). In other words, I'm just as inattentive and unfocused, but now I get horrible physical symptoms and crash periodically throughout the day. I feel like I'm worse off now than before!

I want to be OFF Ritalin IR, because it makes me feel really crappy. I think Id like to try Adderall XR, since it would be a different drug and I wouldn't have to worry about the stupid crash. But I dont want her to prescribe me Concerta or Adderall IR, because (1) the concerta would be the same as the Ritalin (wouldnt it?) so it wouldnt have an effect, and (2) I dont like the crash in between pills, so I dont want IR anything, including adderall. However, she is a very stern doctor, with beliefs about what she thinks is best, and I don't know that she'd listen to me - or rather, she'd make me try Concerta or Adderall IR first.

I guess I'm just seeking advice as to how to handle this. Has anyone ever switched directly from Ritalin IR to Adderall XR? How did it go? How supportive was your doctor? Any advice you have is appreciated. My next appointment with her is next week, but I dont even know if I can wait that long. Thanks for your time.

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