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I have terrible concentration problems. I can't read, watch movies, listen to music, relax, listen to people talk, etc. without being distracted. But my distraction comes from my own thoughts. They're mostly cynical and superficial (for instance I'm always measuring myself to other people determining if I'm better off). But sometimes they're positive daydream type stuff (how awesome my life will be when I get cured). Why is it you can't concentrate I'm wondering? Is it outside or inside stimulus?

I'm pretty sure I've always had this but, similar to you, I've finally become conscious of it, although it's been affecting me most of my life (I'm 25). It is the reason I have had no real happiness in my life for perhaps the last 12 years. Also, though, I'm diagnosed bipolar so that has brought it's own problems.

Anyway, I've recently started taking medicine for what my doctor suspects is ADD. See the thing is he never flatout said it was ADD. He just said the questionnaire I filled out indicated it. I'm worried cause I think what if it's not ADD and I'm taking the wrong medicine and it's going to take that much longer to figure out what I need. See I don't exhibit much of the other symptoms either. But it's been killing me for a while now and I can't take it much longer. Anyway, he prescribed me Strattera, a non-stimulant because I have a mood disorder that could be disturbed with a stimulant like Adderall. I'm only on day six and it takes a little longer to get on a therapeutic dosage.

So I figured I share with you my story. Sorry I couldn't give much helpful advice but I figured it might be nice to know there is someone else out there who is not sure if they have ADD or not. My advice would be to go see a doctor and see if medicine is what you need. Personally I've tried everything I could think of (yoga, mediation, acupuncture, concentration exercises, a strict diet, plenty of exercise, sports) to improve my concentration and nothing worked. When I was unmedicated for bipolar I similarly tried to fight my illness but to no avail. I know for certain I have a disorder and believe medicine is just about the only remedy available to me.

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