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So I went to the psych a few days ago and she prescribed me 27 mg of off-brand Concerta. She didn't exactly tell me what type of ADHD she diagnosed me with, but I think that I exhibit pretty much all of the signs of inattentive-type (I feel slow, sluggish, can't think clearly, get distracted very easily, super forgetful, can't keep track of conversation, daydreaming way too often, etc.). However, I'm pretty anxious that maybe I don't have ADD, and I'm just going to get addicted to these pills.

Anyways, after looking around at some message boards, the general consensus seems to be that "you know you have ADHD if you take a stimulant and it calms you down." I'm really not sure if that's how I would describe myself the past 2 days I've taken the Concerta. First, I just feel like I [I]need[/I] to do the things I have prioritized (best example is school work, whereas I would just procrastinate and play GTA V for hours on end before Concerta). Obviously this is a pro, but if I don't need to do something I have as "priority 1" so to speak (that is, things that I need to get done), I feel compelled to go out/get up and do something. I'm a little concerned this might mean that I don't have ADD because it's supposed to make me calmer, right?

But what I don't understand, is that off my meds, I felt overly calm/sluggish. So, does the saying "you know you have ADHD if stimulants calm you down" not apply to inattentive type since I'm already calm/sluggish to begin with? IDK, maybe this is just what motivation feels like.

P.S. I'm 17. Also forgot to mention I feel more confident on Concerta, and like I can keep a conversation going much better now. Slight tingly feeling in brain during "peak" hours. Other than that, mental fog is virtually nonexistent now.

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