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Look, I know my post is pretty lengthy, but I could really use your advice with the questions I have. If it helps I have decided to place **** by the endings of questions for those of you that do not want to read my brief experiences while on Vyvanse.

I was just switched to Vyvanse just yesterday and am starting out at 40mg.
I just have a few questions that need to be answered. First, let me just tell you a little bit about myself. I use to be a hard-working, motivated and driven person until I was no longer able to self-motivated and concentrated on all tasks I applied myself to. I could go into all of the detail of why I need to take Vyvanse but I really just rather not. My biggest concern is that I am in my Senior year of college and have just been struggling to achieve the grades I have. When I say struggling I mean struggling. I would have to read things over and over again until my brain decided to work and then once I tried to begin the next sentence I wouldn't really remember what I had previous read.

My memory is not bad, I mean at times it is not excellent, but I feel that is just common being a college student consumed with school and work.

I need Vyvanse in order to be able to fully understand and retain the material that I am trying to study. I don't really like taking things like that as it is because I feel like for certain things in my life I just have to learn to remind myself of how self-motivated I once was. I always carry around a paper with me because coaching me on throughout my day just to help me stay motivated and focused during times of work an what not.

So here are some of my questions.
Being that I only take Vyvanse during times of studying (which I do for long periods of hours during my day) Is it best used during a certain time of day?****

I have notice the usual fast heart-rate and how at times I feel that I catch myself not breathing. It's kinda of like I have to focus on my breathing sometimes wen I am studying. Does anyone else have these symptoms? And if so do you know why? Or do you have any advice on how to help me with these symptoms?****

I also am not one for mixing things like other pills while I take Vyvanse, but from my first experience last night with them I didn't feel them for a long time and then all of a sudden, maybe 2-3 hours later I started to feel really motivated. I began to really get into my studying and then something that someone had said distracted me.. Which gave me the urge and desire to want to go on this typing rant for 2 hours explaining my view of things. I honestly ended up writing two pages on liberalism and conservatism thinking that I would post it my Facebook, but ended up just deleting it and wasting two hours of time that could have been used for studying. Before deleting it my girlfriend had wanted to read it so I had print her out a copy and she read it all and then we were in a discussion about it for what seemed an hour or more. And then all of a sudden when I decided to finally go back and study all of a sudden I start to feel an increase in my heart rate and could feel it beating in my chest. That is also when I would catch myself not breathing and would have to focus on breathing while trying to study. I also felt the urge to cough like as if it would help clear up my throat. Do you have any clue as to why? Are these symptoms of a come down or of a peak?****

Anyways, as I just had gotten on a rant right there I started that last paragraph to ask my next question, what other alternatives do you use to get rest? I was up all morning and could not go to sleep whatsoever. I ended up falling asleep around 1 pm-ish (because I was trying to force myself to sleep) but I only ended up sleeping for like an hour and a half to maybe two hours, if that. Like I said, I really do not like mixing other medications while on Vyvanse because I do not fully know the safety in that. If you have any recommendations or cures in helping me rest please let me know!****

Next brief summary of my experience followed with a question. Too me it feels that Vyvanse has a certain amount of energy you can exert before it begins to go down. Let me better explain and this is just from the little experience I have had with Vyvanse. Today or well tonight for example. My friend had open the capsule to one of the pills I had brought over to their house that I was going to take before studying. Well, she ended up spilling most of it and I was not about to lick it off of her floor. I ended up bring an extra one just in case I had decided to stay the night and all of tomorrow to work together on our studies. Anyways, I ended up taking the rest of the that she spilled which maybe was only 1/4 of the capsule. I waited an hour or so to see if anything would happen (because it is only my second day using Vyvanse). Nothing happened. So in fear of taking too much I decided to empty out one of my vitamin D capsules and place the amount I had taken into the empty capsule. I don't know if opening up the capsule and removing some of the powder is bad or not, does anyone know?***

Anyways, instead of waiting the amount of time needed to kick in the Vyvanse I decided to just copy my notes onto flash cards. (And this is where I will explain the "Too me it feels that Vyvanse has a certain amount of energy you can exert before it begins to go down"). Finally, the Vyvanse begins to kick in and all of a sudden I am able to study and actually focus. I ended up doing a solid maybe 2 hours (and during all of this I was also drinking a ton of water and sipping coffee). Anyways, after putting in a solid two hours I go outside and have a cigarette and also feel a loss of motivation towards my studies.**** However, I still do feel very much awake. I go back inside and try to read an article and it is just seems like a different language to me and is definitely not sticking in my head. It was as if I used up all of my Vyvanse in the solid two hours I had put in prior. Now, I know that may not be true, I am just telling you what it felt like to me. Would anyone know why that is?**** (for those of you just jumping to the questions I have put the **** in the middle of the paragraph for the topic I need addressed).

Also, right after all of that my heart begins to beat fast again. I know cigarettes and coffee can cause that to happen, but I had been smoking cigarettes occasionally all night and sipping on coffee prior to my fast heart rate. Once again is that a sign that I am coming down?****

Would you not recommend drinking coffee or tea? I no longer drink red bull because of he pains it would cause in my chest, but I do not feel the same pain while sipping coffee or tea. Also, being that I use to smoke cigarettes and no longer do. This being the exception. I picked up the habit again only when I would be on my medicine because I found it very helpful for when I use to be on adderrall. It would not only calm my nerves but continue to motivate me. However, I do not feel the same from a cigarette while on Vyvanese. Any idea of why?****

Would anyone know if chewing gum helps? I know it use to help me while I was on adderrall.****

Anyways, another question following the issue of it feeling like the motivation and concentration ends fast to me is... Do any of you know of any healthy ways of making the concentration and motivation effects of the Vyvanse to last longer? Or to reboost the motivation and concentration effects of the Vyvanse?****

And this is just one out of curiosity because I read a lot of other forums about other peoples experiences. Those of you who redose how long after do you wait to do so?**** Do you use the same amount when you redose?**** Or do you use a smaller or larger amount to redose?****

Not that I am planning to do so, because I am just starting out on Vyvanse but I just like to be as educated as possible. Also, this being only hypothetical because I read this one forum of this guy who literally was testing experiments out with his pills (which to me sounds really scary). But, he had redose when he was experiencing heart palpitations. Is that even safe?****
And will your heart rate increase even higher than before after your redose?**** I read his story on his forum and it totally freaked me out to read the side effects he was experiencing.

Lastly, is eating fruit bad while on Vyvanse? Or eating in general? I don't feel hungry from the pill but sometimes I feel like I should eat. Does it have a negative or positive or no effect while havin taken Vyvanse?****

And wait, I lied three more questions and then I promise I am done.
Would you recommend splitting my capsule in have in order to stay within my recommended dosage, but as well feel a longer lasting effect from the medicine?****

And I read that taking this medication dimishes your memory is that too?***

And finally the last one, is taking the medication two days in a row with only a few hours of sleep bad for my health?*** I mean, I know it can be bad if it continually happens, and I don't plan on that happening. On Adderall I just had to find a system that worked for me which had me getting the recommended amount of sleep for my body. And now I have to find a new method that works for this pill, but in the mean time do you have any advice?****

And if there is anything you feel like I should know please do tell me.
I appreciate all of you who are willing to help answer my questions and took the time to do so. I would like to say thanks ahead of time. I unfortunately need to get back to studying so I am unable to proof read this forum, but if you have any questions because something's didn't make sense than please feel free to ask.

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