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Just wanted to give people who might be reading this an example of how my days go. So this morning I left my place to go to my parents. I was going to eat there so I needed to take my medicine w me. Well I put the medicine in a pill box but I forgot to bring it and I didn't realize this until I was already 5 min down the road. So I had to drive back and get it. And as I was doing this I told myself to remember to get my mom's birthday card cause today is her birthday. Well I grab the pills but forget the birthday card. I just say forget it I'll get it when I get off work. So I get to my parents and eat and take my medicine. So I leave for work. By this time I realized that I forgot to include my Strattera, which I just started taking, in the pill container that I brought to my parents. So I had to speed to my place to take the pill and then speed to work to make it on time. At work I made various mistakes all over the place. I've been training servers where I work and I'm always forgetting to bring materials to the table where we train. For instance, I'll go off to get a bottle of wine and wine glasses but I'll come back with just the wine. So I got to go back and get the wine glasses too. This happens far too much. So anyway I get off of work and I go in to the grocery store to pick out a few items. Well naturally I forget to buy plastic spoons which I need. Anyway I just decide to get some spoons from my parents when I drop off my mom's birthday card. Well when I leave I forget to grab the spoons. This is a typical day for me.

Anyway, I know some of this stuff could be eliminated if I use notes more, which I'm starting to do now more. But sometimes its not feasible. If I'm just remembering to grab something before I leave I'm not going to remember to look on a note to remember to grab it. If I could do that then I'd just remember to grab whatever it is rather than remember to look at the note that tells me what to grab. You know? Unless I wanted to just put the note on my forehead. So yea maybe some of this stuff could be eliminated if I planned ahead more but my point is that my mind doesn't work like it should. I want to be able to not rely on compensatory methods that just cover up my condition. The biggest problem is not being able to concentrate on doing these tasks. Like I mentioned I can't focus on anything. If I am focusing on something there's always a thought going on at the same time which cancels out fully concentrating on (or enjoying) that thing. It affects me every second of the day. Anyone else deal with this sorta thing?

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