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I'm 24 years old and I've been taking various forms of methylphenidate since I was diagnosed with ADHD in late 2010. I had started on a generic twice a day (one in the morning, one at lunchtime) and that was fine except I got a bad comedown effect (I'd have a major mood swing and very erratic until I got my second dose), so I was put on an SR formula (of the generic) in January 2011. I remember the dose of the SR was 40mg (plus I could take up to 3 10mg IR if needed, though I didn't usually do this, or if I did it was usually only one). Shortly after this switch, I started suffering frequent bouts of fatigue (that my doctor could find no cause for) - I missed a lot of work (and nearly ended up quitting because I couldn't handle it).

In August 2011, I got switched over to the non-generic (Ritalin LA 40mg). And this was GREAT in one way because it lasted a lot longer than the generic SR formula. The fatigue continued, but it helped A LOT with my concentration span, so I kept going with it. However, it wasn't long before I got another troubling side effect - frequent urination! Again, I didn't link it to the medication.

Around November 2012, I was finding that the Ritalin LA wasn't lasting as long as it should have, so I was prescribed Ritalin SR twice daily. I got my prescription filled and then - on the same day - managed to lose the medication (opps!). The doctor wouldn't do another prescription over the phone so soon after prescribing it (even though I explained that I'd lost it), so I had to go back in for another consultation etc. My usual doctor didn't have an available appointment for a few days, so I saw someone else instead. This doctor disagreed with trialling Ritalin SR and put me straight onto Concerta 36mg.

It was awful!! The bouts of fatigue became more frequent and more severe, the frequent urination was unbearable etc. I felt so awful I ended up on SSRIs (causing MORE side effects). I realised Concerta wasn't for me, and switched back to Ritalin LA.

Anyway, I was tidying up a few things at home one day and found the long lost Ritalin SR!! I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I just chucked it in a drawer and nearly forgot about it until about a week or so ago. I'd been having a frantic week and had forgotten to order my prescription, so had run out of medication. I rarely let this happen, but when I do, I usually just give it a miss for the day until I get more. However, on this particular day, I had a big thing on at work that I needed to get done and couldn't afford to mess up, so I figured the Ritalin SR would be better than nothing....

AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! My head felt clearer, I felt more energised and my frequent urination was no where near as bad.

Has this happeneed to anyone else??

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