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... to respond to your post. I see what your saying but I still very much side with my own opinion because I know the situations of myself, my wife, family, friends, and strangers in facilities. ... (29 replies)
... an be a nightmare because as the tolerance grows, even higher doses will still not be enough to ward of withdrawal effects. The drug eventually works very little and for shorter times and that can spur withdrawal effects in between doses. ... (29 replies)
... Are sleep specialists called anything else? ... (8 replies)

... Sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing. Whatever you do, don't give up on your education! I would start with a good physical exam from your doctor and see what they think. ... (2 replies)
... can cause an inability to focus. A firm diagnosis by a qualified medical practicioner is a must otherwise you have no target to shot at. You can't just pop pills and hope for the best. ... (4 replies)
Is ADD a disorder?
Sep 30, 2005
... I've avoided this thread because I just don't have the energy right now for the "Is ADD Real? ... (29 replies)
... dreamy, distracted, forgetful, "can't follow your conversation even though you're talking straight at me because I'm distracted by other sounds and movements" type of ADD. Frustrating. Get rid of all alcohol, all caffeine, get a good diet, exercise, lots of sleep, and be calm and patient and you'll be OK. ... (12 replies)
... or , if sleep problems persist, lack of proper sleep can lead to impaired mental function or health problems. So you may want to consider all that in the future. ... (3 replies)
Infant ADD Signs?
Apr 13, 2004
... Hi Winnie, I'm currently studying ADHD. These are some of the stages we've learned about. 0-3 years:Infancy very active before birth shrill crying irritable overactive behavior is unpredictable sleep in short periods don't transition well (prefer rutine) feeding disturbances (8 replies)
... the problem, and allow you to fall into a much deeper sleep. ... (15 replies)
... Sorry, I meant I use a bipap machine to treat the sleep apnea. Even after the apneas were gone, I was still too sleepy, so I got provigil. ... (19 replies)
... I've looked at this discussion a number of times and never bothered to add to it all til now. ... (170 replies)
... ven when my son was four or five I knew something wasn't right. Always wound up, couldn't stay on one task for any amount of time had problems with group sports and working with others. Our dr. thought he was just a little anxious and would likely grow out of it. ... (5 replies)
May 28, 2003
... I have ADD and my doctor has put me on cylert--does anyone know anything about this medicine???? It is also for narcolepsy which I do not have but I do sleep all the time----This medicine makes me sleep even more--does anyone know if this is common??? Also i've only been on it a week--I read alot of no so good things about it on the internet, but who knows thanks w (8 replies)
... I have had more jobs than you could imagine, and have been fired from them all, for the same thing, being late daily, not going in ..etc.. ... (7 replies)
... hello there, I read your post I too take ADDERAl 30mg tabs XR. I started this medication when I was a Freshman in College, and it helped me a great deal. ... (14 replies)
Mar 15, 2011
... I researched "impassive ADHD" and learned "impassive ADHD" is combination of primarily inattentive ADD and emotional lability. Interestingly, stimulant medications cause emotional lability in some children with ADHD. ... (27 replies)
Jan 28, 2009
... fatty acids could be helpful. Otherwise, just make sure he eats a variety of foods, good breakfast with fiber and protein, and gets enough sleep at night. ... (2 replies)
... polar and ADD. I have watched them take medicine for years and it doesn't seem that it helps. In fact when my sister takes her medicine it seems she is in a fog. ... (1 replies)
Concerta for ADD
Sep 14, 2008
... on to me, often we're short on sleep, but our ADHD brains aren't active enough to realize it. Taking the stimulant makes the brain active enough to realize it's sleep deprived and you end up taking a nap. ... (6 replies)

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