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... There are a few theories floating around about stimulants and ADD. Here's the recent one that makes sense. ... (8 replies)
... t really have many kids who actually went on ADD meds, instead we were all put in a special class. ... (5 replies)
... My ADD kicked in halfway through, so I didn't notice if anyone mentioned sleep, so I'll start there.... ... (9 replies)

... ADHD. Sleep disorders can be misdiagnosed as ADD.. treating them as such does not always help and can often make them worse. I am a Ph.D. Candidate and have sucessful completed two M.S. degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. ... (2 replies)
... I am not seeing ADD in your child's behavior. It reminds me of my own son. At four he is doing multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction.. ... (2 replies)
... My 16yo daughter was seeing a counselor for unrelated issues and was diagnosed with ADD recently. ... (6 replies)
... It's possible that his anxiety could be a result of his ADD symptoms, and will go away with proper ADD treatment. Children with untreated ADD feel pressure to perform like everyone else, and hopelessness when they keep trying, but never quite feel like they are getting it.... if that makes sense? ... (10 replies)
... You would need to see a doctor to be officially diagnosed. The symptoms you describe could very well be due to a lack of sleep. Sounds like you don't get enough sleep with three children plus working at night. Sometimes I feel like I am also ADD but then realize that when I've had a good night's sleep I function better. ... (3 replies)
... adhd and having their tonsils removed. The study has proven that children who had their tonsils removed actually slept much better and had a more restful nights sleep. But the interesting part is after all of the children had their tonsils removed, their ADD symptoms were no longer a problem. ... (5 replies)
... I went to a psychiatrist today to see about getting some medication for some pretty severe panic attacks that I've been having, anxiety and sleeping issues. This was my first visit to a psychiatrist, so I wasn't sure what to expect. ... (5 replies)
... Suffered with Insomnia for over ten years. Have been on Xanax and Soma at bedtime to help me sleep for the past 4 years. ... (8 replies)
... ADHD and a lot to celebrate. ... (18 replies)
... I would speak to a psychiatrist who "does" ADD, specializes in it, I mean. Do not start off by asking for drugs, just say that you know someone diagnosed with ADD and you're having similar issues, and you're looking for better ways to manage them. ... (10 replies)
... it's an ADD board! we probably meant to answer, but.... oh look something shiny!!! ... (9 replies)
... so I had read up on the drugs that I take as well as consulting with a couple of drs. and a pharmacist or two. The Klonipin is a drug that I take for the dysautonomia, which causes heart racing at times. ... (18 replies)
... Please read my post about a link between ADHD and ADD and sleep disorders. Also do an advanced search on sleep disorders in children. The University medical centers in the US have some great sites. ... (17 replies)
... nd I wish him good luck and hope for the best but, I just wanted to say something to everyone out there like me that was in a relationship that ended quite badly and beat themselves up over it. Sometimes, our partners have just given up trying to accept our shortcomings but, in other cases, it may not be our fault at all. ... (5 replies)
... was also diagnosed with ADD, and they are pushing the drugs big time. He is not disruptive in class, "just" inattentive and unfocused. Sleep deprevation and food allergies are just some of the things that can cause a false ADD diagnosis. ... (6 replies)
... I'm new to this web site. After reading your posts, it hit me that what has beleaguered me for the past 20 years might be a combination of OCD and ADD. ... (1 replies)
... ers or rather than just social anxiety disorder. I have been surfing and trying several supplements for it like vitamins b complex, fish oil and even zinc... ... (3 replies)

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