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... an four. If you're not happy with how that's working for you, up it to two after 5 days or so. Stick with that for a few days, then you can go to three. Rinse and repeat. Your doctor should have worked up your dose, rather than jumping you onto so much right away. ... (2 replies)
... That said, I see a lot of wisdom in the above post, and I would wholeheartedly suggest that you consider the issues raised therein. ... (4 replies)
... Yeah, that's common with ADD'ers, though most of the ones I know will periodically crash and sleep for a solid day. ... (15 replies)

... How are you doing with appetite and sleep? ... (10 replies)
ADD and Concerta
Mar 17, 2005
... a but I take ritalin, which is the active ingredient in Concerta. I take the regular Ritalin but have just quit the long acting stuff. I have never had to many sleep problems with it, but did with the long acting. My appetite could be better but I have gotten used to effects. ... (6 replies)
... know what kind of doctor that you took your daughter to, but when I first started getting over my denial stage with my daughter, I took her to her pediatrician, and they were very hesitant about diagnosing her with add or adhd even though she has the same symptoms not paying attention, forgetting things etc. ... (8 replies)
... We have a 15 year old son in the 9th grade that was diagnosed several years ago with ADD and was tested again last year with the same diagnosis. Over the years we have tried various medecines. ... (2 replies)
Unsure of ADD
Jul 20, 2009
... The symptoms of ADHD can also be caused by a number of other physical and emotional issues. For example, the effects of various sleep issues and depression can easily look like ADHD. ... (1 replies)
... I'm new here and am wondering if anyone here has had experience with the drug Seroquel. ... (1 replies)
... That dose is way too high!!! According to the FDA 40mg daily is the maximum dose doctors should prescribe for ADD. Of course there are rare cases where someone may be prescribed more but the fact that your doctor jumped your dose from 20mg to 80mg is VERY ALARMING! Are you sure he didnt mean for you to be taking 40mg daily? 20mg morning 20 afternoon? That would make much more... (8 replies)
... utbursts mostly at me about homework taking a bath or when i tell him no. He doesn't give my husband as much trouble. The doctr has him on Abilify for that issue and Melotonine for sleep. Nothing seems to be working in the last 3 or 4 works. We go to our DR. on Tuesday. What do you sugest. ... (4 replies)
... magnesium, so extra of both has been recommended for him by his doc. Since he's not fond of pills, I was groping to find a product he'd find acceptable, and use. ... (15 replies)
... on the first few, but I got stuck on one and I just couldn't conceptualize how to do it, I had significant anxiety during that subtest, as well as the visual one and arithmetic, I foretold of difficulties in two of those areas and he agreed. ... (14 replies)
Hyper and Angry
Jul 10, 2006
... That will be trouble down the road, I assure you since sleeping pills are very addictive and can cause severe dependancy. ... (11 replies)
... I agree with blurayne. Don't play around with your dose on your own. It can be dangerous. Instead, take it as prescribed. *IF* you can sleep, eat and aren't overwhelmed with anxiety on 30mg per day, but don't feel it is an adequate dose, go back to your doctor and talk about - gradually - increasing your dose. Also, bear in mind that it REALLY isn't necessary for you... (7 replies)
... Well I am on 30 mg. of Adderall XR once daily, and 1 mg. of Risperdal daily. It has gotten' to where EVERY DAY I have to take a nap in the late afternoon. ... (2 replies)
... for about 7 years, then I stopped taking it and went back and got a new prescription a few months ago. ... (1 replies)
... I have been on Adderall for ADD and Lexapro for depression for about 2 years now. ... (3 replies)
ADD and Tics
Jun 3, 2005
... Kappy, I know that clonidine is used to treat tics in kids both on and off stimulants. ... (9 replies)
ADD and Concerta
Mar 20, 2005
... syndrome. We gave our son one capsule with the lowest possible dose and he came home from school that day with a tick. THIS HAPPENED AFTER ONLY ONE PILL!!!! ... (6 replies)

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