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... but anyone who has ADD will tell you that it's not "normal". ... (24 replies)
... sorry to bring uo a old post but I stopped taking the ritalin and my wife said i was better on it and so did my doc so we are doing the same thing now. ... (5 replies)
... I was referred by my general practitioner because I was so off the scale on a depression diagnostic, she referred me to a shrink. He scribbled while I gave him what I thought was a concise, to the point narrative. ... (24 replies)

... Uh, we are ADD after all! ... (10 replies)
... since I am on a 9 month waiting list with a GP closer to where I live here in the UK and can't get diagnosed etc. ... (7 replies)
... Okay,so I'm aware you must first have had symptoms as a child in order to be diagnosed.My question is,I'm in my thirties and cannot really remember exact details of my childhood,but without a doubt I think I had ADD. ... (2 replies)
... I am 36yrs. old and newly diagnosed with ADD and taking med. ... (2 replies)
... hello, i feel the same as you do. as the first of june i was told i have adult add. i have been on meds since. next week i have a appointment to get some guidance in what to do next. i have a lifetime of covering up adult add. i do not know what path to follow next. ... (24 replies)
... how does a person with ADD feel? ... (5 replies)
... how does a person with ADD feel? ... (17 replies)
... gave me a 10mg dose of Ritalin IR, to take "as needed" throughout the day. ... (3 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with ADD, my biggest problem was putting off talking to my doctor about it. ... (13 replies)
... I needed to reply to your message because this sounds exactly like what my son does.I know he has ADD since he was diagnosed with this since he was little. Now he is almost 19 years old. I want to find poeple that he could respond with who understand what he is going through. ... (15 replies)
... I have been reading these threads all night and they are so wonderful and helpful. I was so scared to go to the psych dr about my issues but he said I definily have ADD and need to take Adderall. I was prescribed 10 mgs instant release, 3 times a day. ... (2 replies)
... I thought I had ADHD in college because I read something entitled "What's it like to have ADD? ... (24 replies)
... i've been trying to get diagnosed for the past month now but it won't happen until may... i'm not sure how it is in your country but here.. it's apprently not cheap, and slow going.. good luck though. maybe someone else will have better advice. ... (13 replies)
... My son has never swallowed pills before. He gags easy. We were just diagnosed with ADD 3 weeks ago and today was our first day on concerta. How do you get a child who thinks he'll gag on the pills to swallow them? ... (5 replies)
... Oh, I have such a hard time buying presents! It's always so stressful and difficult, and a few times when I was younger I dithered so long I failed to get anything at all, to my eternal shame. Most life skills my father tried to teach me worked out great. ... (7 replies)
... I've been reading these boards for awhile now. I go from this one to the anxiety board because I also have anxiety problems. I have 2 children that have been diagnosed with ADHD. ... (4 replies)
... it really depends on how bad you have ADD and how it affects you. my husband has ADD... he's never been diagnosed, but he definitely has ADD. ... (12 replies)

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