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... My husband was diagnosed with adult ADD about 2 years ago.. He lived his whole life not knowing what was wrong with him. ... (3 replies)
... What a horrible situation. I just bought "Family Matters" by Dr. Phil. Only read a few pages but it already looks good, apparentely his father was an alcoholic and Dr. Phil had alot of problems growing up. I don't know if it will help you or not, like I said, I've only read a few pages but seems Dr. Phil has helped alot of people and makes good sense. Worth a look?? ... (3 replies)
... to do homework and is making F's and D's ... mostly F's. He lies to me about his assignments and say's his homework is done when it isn't and I cannot catch him lying until I get progress reports. When he is caught lying and brings home bad grades I ground him and take away the TV and video games but it makes no difference. ... (3 replies)

... e. I was told and believed that she is this way because she learned it from me. My family told me this. Is it possible for her to pick up some of my negative ADD traits? ... (37 replies)
... diagnosis. Its purpose is simply to help you determine whether ADD may be a factor in the behavior of the person you are assessing using this checklist. An actual diagnosis can be made only by an experienced professional. ... (3 replies)
... that long, I've known his sister for about 13 years, so at least I know the family history, etc. One of the problems I'm experiencing is that his stories "don't add up". Most people think he's still using, because clearly he lies. I don't often call him on it, but I notice the inconsistencies and it bugs me. ... (9 replies)
... to a clinic to get a referral to a psychiatrist and the doctor asked me if i ever got in trouble with the authorities. ROFL man, come on... just because you have ADD doesn't mean you are going to beat up random people. ... (0 replies)
... read, I get constantly distracted by objects on the desk or around me. For instance, while I consciously strive to focus on my reading, my mind notices a pencil lying on the desk, which soon starts distracting me from reading. ... (1 replies)
... Two years ago I was diagnossed with hep C. During the therapy the liver doctor saw that I was ADD from the word go. He said, "I'm going to start you on Ritalin." I said, "what are you nuts!" So he put me on Lexapro. ... (22 replies)
... Adderall is still speed, and speed helps you study better, ADD or not. The fact she signed your name and filled out symptoms without your input, went to professionals without your knowledge, etc is very, very suspect.... ... (8 replies)
... I've struggled with ADD my entire life. I am also dyslexic. I was diagnosed as dyslexic when I was in junior high. However, they had a different name for it then. ... (37 replies)
... I am ADD but wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 30's. ... (8 replies)
... Maybe he has something more serious than ADD. I know you say he had this diagnosis confirmed twice but there are many disorders that look just like ADD so it would be very easy to think that the correct diagnosis is ADD when it in fact is not. ... (2 replies)
... My kids say that to me all the time...although I tend to think they are trying to get their way! Sometimes I wish my husband didn't have such a good memory...ugh's true..sometimes we just remember things we said differently than how other people heard them. I often feel that I am misunderstood! But of course, I know what I meant! Lol! I think because we are... (4 replies)
... Usual ADD things temper forgetful etc. ... (4 replies)
Is ADD a disorder?
Sep 28, 2005
... My ADD symptoms began in first grade. My earliest recollection was I could not do my homework. That is, I could not concentrate on it. ... (29 replies)
ADD Symtoms
Aug 25, 2005
... Have a lot of clutter. Even though it probably bothers you that you have piles and piles of junk lying around the house, you kind of feel helpless to do anything about it. It's such a chore to straighten up things. ... (6 replies)
... Well, I have to say, I never considered that she could really be ADD. I guess I need to study up on it. All I know is that she doesn't act anything like my brother (who always did things without thinking, got in trouble at school not staying at his desk, etc.) I thought everyone had trouble studying in college. I know I did. It's hard. Taking a pill to concentrate... (8 replies)
... It's VERY possible that she has AD/HD that has gone unnoticed until now, especially since you said your brother has it. AD/HD is genetic, and just because she did well in school doesn't mean she doesn't have it. Many people that have AD/HD do well in school, and there are also different severities of the disorder as well. It's very possible your brother may have a severe... (8 replies)
... year old daughter claims she is ADD all of a sudden. She has started seeing a psychiatrist at school who prescribed Adderall, as well as Lexapro. ... (8 replies)

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