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... I've been on ritalin, concerta, vyvanse, and adderal, and as far as getting my work done adderal has definitely been the best. ... (4 replies)
... e same problem on a little smaller scale with my 9 year old son who is taking adderalxr per day 10 mg per day. I was experiencing small bits and pieces of these anger outbursts at first and now they are predictable. ... (11 replies)
... long. Perhaps it is those that struggle with the stimulants that do so well. I was very guarded in my expectations. In retrospect, I now realize that indeed the Adderal results were not as good as it gets. ... (9 replies)

... My son got vocal tics when he tried adderal 5 years ago. After many med changes and possible wrong diag., we are now back to considering adhd meds. ... (2 replies)
... I was on Adderal and it made my temper worse. I found I was losing my temper all the time. I'd think twice about Adderal if you have a temper. ... (16 replies)
... Anger & frustration were predominant with both adderal & Adderal XR. Yes, okay in school, but at the cost of all else. Tell your Dr. it seems as if many are on a combination of meds that will even out the neurotransmitters. If straterra had not worked, that was where we were headed. (5 replies)
... My husband takes Adderal and he told me it makes a huge difference in his ability to concentrate and stay on task as well as communicate his thoughts effectively. ... (4 replies)
Jul 9, 2003
... When you take the wellbutrin do you get side effects, like anger or agression, or really bad mood swings? ... (8 replies)
... Some people suffer from depression with bipolar and no anger.Look up bipolar symptoms. (2 replies)
... be making more sense. One of them is an issue with rage that I have had all my life. As a child and teenager I responded to alot of bad situations at home with anger and violence. ... (4 replies)
... From what I've read, this can happen with any stimulant, which Concerta is. The "leveling out" is merely your brain's ability to adapt to the chemical, usually by shutting down some of it's own stimulating abilities. Downregulation of brain receptors is common when taking a psychoactive drug over an extended time. Bad thing about that is that the brain becomes more dependant... (5 replies)
... far it's not doing anything during the day. And when i get home at night and it wears off, the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jeckel comes out!!! I am gritting my teeth in anger at the dumbest little things. I am yelling at my husband, throwing things, and pitching absolute fits over nothing. I am so mean since I started on it. ... (5 replies)
... kes it out on. I don't understand why we are supposed to be the people he loves most, but he doesn't treat anybody else the way he treats us. I've also read that anger can be a side effect of adderall. He just seems like a miserable person to me and he never used to be. I can't help but to think that he resents me. ... (14 replies)
... I told my doctor that since I was moving out, and couldnt have the insurance coverage, if she would mind putting me back ont he regular release adderal since it has a generic. She basicaly flat out told me NO, I do not perscribe that anymore. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you so much for that post. I now have an explaination for my quick outbursts of anger, and paranoia I feel most times when I am not on my adderal. "Temperal Lobe" "Limbic" and "Innattentiveness" where the ones I marked almost every line.. Very informative post Free.. (13 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I am new to this board but am very interested in participating. I have 2 boys who are ADHD. My oldest is 14 and after battling with myself over him being medicated I finally took the plunge when he entered 2nd grade and his teacher told me that no matter what I decided that she would modify and work with my son to help him the most. I had never had anyone... (98 replies)
... Anyway my daughter is on Strattera. I don't know what she is going through. I see some focus but alot of anger and condescending attitute. She is also on paxil which I gave her to see if it would calm her outbursts and it did. It also did that for me. ... (21 replies)
ADHD or Bi Polar
Mar 22, 2003
... evaluated right away...My ADD son was given neurontin for a while when we were backing off of Adderal due to tics... ... (3 replies)
... A LOT of the time. My child was on initial dose for 7 days, then therapeutic. The doc advised cutting down the Adderal XR a couple of days prior,which I did. We did not see instant results except for anger and tiredness. ... (22 replies)

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