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... I'm also a college student and started taking adderall almost 6 months ago. The first couple months I had a terrible cough and then it slowly starting going away, but not completely. I went off of the medication for a week and when I got back on it the cough came back full strength. ... (12 replies)
... Good intelligent stuff. Thanks. Why does Adderall cause dry mouth? ... (12 replies)
... In your other thread you say you learn from me. Believe me, I learn from you. Most of my Adderall theory and numbers turned out way off. ... (27 replies)

... I talked to my psych today and she said the adderall was causing a coughing tick. ... (12 replies)
... unless you are absolutely positive your cough is due to a tic, it might be worth having it looked at by a regular doc. ... (12 replies)
... Ultimately, I'm torn as to whether I should wait until my appointment with my psych in early August, and just take the Adderall in the meantime, or seek a more immediate appointment so I can try getting a dex or Ritalin dose right before school starts. I guess I'll play it by ear. ... (27 replies)
... cme, All stimulants raise metabolic rate. Most folk feel warmer than might feel a little chillier than normal as the stimulant wears off. I've never experienced anything like you described except for a few weeks ago when I came down with the flu. It came on fast and furious, kept me in bed for a day, then I started recovering. I still have a nagging cough. I'm an old... (2 replies)
... he meds are triggering a tic from what he went trough. when i took him off of it for two weeks he stopped the second week and then i put him back on. He hasn't cough sense. if you have allergies or getting a cold while on the meds it could cause the problem. ... (12 replies)
... I don't doubt for a second you have a very real sensation in your throat that demands a cough. I had a wicked case of poison ivy, actually twice, and the thing I wanted to do most was itch. Itching set up a vicious cycle. The more I itched the more I itched. Finally I went to doctor and he said he could give me steroids but prefered not to. I opted out. The point I want to... (12 replies)
... Ricola Throat Drops or I guess anyother suck on cough drop will do. ... (12 replies)
... through most of January. I noticed when I first got sick, my nose just started pouring. But during the day when the Adderall was in my system, nothing. So weird. It progressed into some type of upper resp infection and I took antibiotics near Christmas. ... (1 replies)
Accepted son's ADD
Oct 12, 2004
... We've only just recently put our teen on Adderall for his ADD. ... (33 replies)
... would be downright shocked. As mentioned I've tried drinking and smoking before and neither took...never got addicted. And a couple years ago I was perscribed a cough syrup for several months that had codeine in it and I took it regularly as perscribed everyday. ... (29 replies)
Mar 23, 2006
... My son had that same cough but he wasn't on Adderall at the time. ... (4 replies)
Mar 23, 2006
... My daughter is 9 and was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. we just switched from adderall to concerta because the adderall seemed to just not work for her anymore. ... (4 replies)
... I stopped the Ritalin and the cough started to clear up and after 4 days was almost gone.I was put on 10mg Adderall, and within hours of the first dose, the cough was back. I'm so upset! I felt so good after so many years of misery. Has anyone experienced this type of side effect from their stimulants? ... (3 replies)
... Yeah..... it really depends on the person taking the medication. All medications can be addictive if abused. I have a cousin addicted to cough syrup. I've stopped and started adderall several times over the past several years, due to being pregnant and nursing. ... (4 replies)
... it beating in my chest. That is also when I would catch myself not breathing and would have to focus on breathing while trying to study. I also felt the urge to cough like as if it would help clear up my throat. Do you have any clue as to why? ... (1 replies)
Skin problems
Nov 21, 2006
... well, i do have some problems with itching, but that could be because of Tics, adderall can make Tics worse, and even if you weren't diagnosed, you might have it. ... (1 replies)
... and always leans his head back in a wierd way, he never has done that before thats why I say I think its tics. I really don't like the way he is on this adderall either, he's not himself and it seems to also make him very moody, as well as having nightmares. ... (3 replies)

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