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... Before Adderall I was always negative, and my mood was constantly bad...I just had a terrible outlook on life and I gave up on myself. ... (18 replies)
... I can understand where you're coming from. I hate the feeling of when I get low on meds or even worse.....running out for couple of days. This is the part that makes me feel "guilty" for feeling good on meds. Maybe that is a part of what you're worrying about. ... (18 replies)
... I tried 4 other stimulants before Adderall which never worked for me. I was eventually put on generic Adderall which worked but yes it lost it's effect very fast. For the hell of it, I tried Barr Adderall and I am on 30 mg. ... (18 replies)

... Hunter, are you sure you are on the proper dose of adderall for you? ... (18 replies)
... Funny thing, just thought of it. I feel good. Haven't taken my Adderall yet. How can that be? ... (18 replies)
... It makes a lot of sense. What I was told was that ADHD can cause mood problems, especially in undiagnosed adults. It is usually mistaken for depression. ... (18 replies)
... I went to a therapist and I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression due to ADHD. I wasn't told why they prescribed this to me but I am guessing ADHD. I know many people who were given it just for depression and it helped, some it made worse. ... (18 replies)
... It very little time, under a month, for the mood enhancement effect to dissapate. I've been on stimulants, now Adderall, since. In fact it was Index who alerted me to the possible danger. You're still top index, Index. And I'm still a bozo. ... (18 replies)
... Great topic. I've been on Adderall for 3 months. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. My depression lifted and I can think more clearly. ... (18 replies)
... Were you prescribed Adderall for ADD or binge eating? ... (18 replies)
... Take all the happiness you can legally get! Although Adderall may not "supposed to" be used to for mood enhancement (although it now occasionally is), it's not a side effect that we're going to complain about, is it? There is one thing that you, hunter, and you, mike, have to be careful about. Many times stimulants initially cause a mild euphoria/happiness. It doesn't... (18 replies)
... There have been many times where Ive said Adderall has uplifted my mood and people always turn that into a negative thing. They say that it's not "supposed to" be used for that. ... (18 replies)
... purge would make me numb to my issues just like alcohol. This problem consumed me for the next 15 yrs. The only reason I stopped was that I became physically unable to purge. As crazy as this sounds, I actually miss it. ... (18 replies)
... r heard of them being prescribed for eating disorders but I can see 2 ways in which stimulants might be useful in this situation. Bear in mind that this is just me "thinking out loud". ... (18 replies)
... You are too nice, Bob! :D You are not - nor have you ever been - a bozo! Stop talking trash about yourself!!! hunter2 - you raise some interesting points. Certainly stimulants can be mood elevating beyond the initial mild euphoria when they are effective in treating ADD. After spending years struggling just to cope like other people do, it's got to feel good to be able... (18 replies)
... usually post on the addiction board. I have questions about this med because my md put me on it today. ... (18 replies)
... Several times I have read about ADHD sufferers and both conscious and subconscious attempts at self medication. Those who suffer from ADHD are prone to addictions to any of a range of things, from drugs or alcohol, to food, to gambling, to extreme behaviour, because these behaviours release dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine when we engage in them. The ADHD brain tends... (18 replies)
... hunter2, Tx for your nice response. The first day the med give a nice lift. I actually became a bit productive. Sleeping naturally became a bit of a challange & didn't want to eat which was ok. I felt so much better but as an addict, I have a tendency to chase that initial rush so I have to be very careful. I hope things are going well for you, Mike (18 replies)
... I wouldn't think too much into it. The ADD meds make you become the "real" you. I noticed that I use to be VERY introverted prior to being diagnosed with ADD and after I started taking Ritalin, I have been more extroverted and I love it. People I use to work with noticed the change. I am more social and friendier. (18 replies)
... I experience the same thing in the sense that I always have to go go go. I've been diagnosed with ADHD and have never used anything for it. But this now makes me curious as to whether it will at very least solve some of the problems I have with it. ... (7 replies)

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