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... But I'm concerned about how much I'm taking, and the timing. After several weeks of titrating, I was prescribed 35 mg. Adderall XR to be taken at 6 am, and then 20 mg. Adderall to be taken at 3 pm. ... (3 replies)
Adderall Advice
Aug 12, 2007
... I have been on it about that long also... I am on the XR form too. Do you mind me asking what other types of cocktails you are on. (31 replies)
Adderall Advice
Aug 11, 2007
... I've been on Adderall for ADD for about 2 years. I took the regular for about a year and a half and switched to the XR after that. ... (31 replies)

Adderall Advice
Aug 3, 2007
... ms boards, but I am desperate for some information about adderall and so far have not been able to find the info I need. I do not have ADD, but I do take adderall and I'm hoping some of you on this board who use Adderall can share some of your knowledge with me. ... (31 replies)
... An hour after I take 10mg regular Adderall in the morning, I really need a nap. ... (19 replies)
... As an aside, I have also experienced the euphoria of Adderall that you get at too high a dosage, or early on in treatment. You feel good. You're happy, you're energetic, you're outgoing and less self conscious. ... (7 replies)
Jul 5, 2012
... I do not have narcolepsy, but I recently was perscribed to adderall because all I wanted to do was sleeps. I had no motivation and couldn't focus in school. Adderall has helped a lot, but I am still always tired. It is not as bad as it used to be. I have researched all about adderall, and its side affect is insomnia. ... (4 replies)
... Confusion is gone!! It is important to drink plenty of water when taking Adderall as you will have an increased thirst. ... (14 replies)
... perspirant. I ended up having to stop Adderall becuase I never eat. ... (7 replies)
... cut his dose down to 5mg of adderall once and that's what gave me the idea for today. Otherwise I would have probably emailed my doc and said forget it or went without ...whatever... ... (44 replies)
... godessgrl65, In the morning I take 100mg Zoloft, 10mg Adderall, Risperdal, and Requip, and start feeling really sleepy after a couple of hours. I race home for a nap at lunch most days (hmmm...I guess I could lock the door to my office and just roll under the desk...). I take an optional 5mg of Ritalin in the afternoon, which, like you described, calms me and gives me focus.... (19 replies)
... I feel like I could go lay down and take a nap the first couple of hours.I thought maybe this was from opening up the time release capsule and exposing it to air or something like that tho..... ... (8 replies)
... Another thing that has been strange for me about Adderall is that some days it gives me a little boost of energy, but today, it made me extremely tired. ... (23 replies)
... Hello. I am a 23 year old colledge student and I am prescribed adderall xr 20mg for ADHD. ... (0 replies)
... Today, after getting over heated due to opening a package in the warehouse at work, I had to leave to cool down and take a shower. I took a nap and when I woke up, I felt like I had been severely sunburned. My face has bright red spotches, a heat rash under both arms and on both legs. ... (7 replies)
... My 3.5 yo son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. The psychiartist and the pediatrician both agreeded to start him on Adderall 2.5 mg after breakfast and lunch. ... (3 replies)
... hours since I took the half of a pill and I feel tired. I'm afraid to take a nap though because I don't want to stay up all night. Maybe 15 mg would be better? ... (37 replies)
New to Adderall XR
Oct 22, 2007
... Thank you for the response. I felt some effects around 2 hours after I took the medicine. I noticed that I could interpret multiple things at the same time and everything was a lot clearer, unless this is all in my head. I am having trouble taking a nap though (I always take one in the evening, I've been trying for the past hour). Everytime I close my eyes and try to rest, I... (2 replies)
... Well I am on 30 mg. of Adderall XR once daily, and 1 mg. of Risperdal daily. It has gotten' to where EVERY DAY I have to take a nap in the late afternoon. ... (2 replies)
... Dear Exausted, Some of your symptoms sounded familiar. I only took adderall for about a week-I hated the way it made me feel. I got out my drug trial diary. I will quote from several entries: -crashing off the medicine was bad! I had a good day until 5pm then it was as if my brain disconnected and my hands and and arms were on their own. (running a cash register) I was... (4 replies)

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